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UFC boss Dana White unhappy with horrendous UFC 155 judging

According to a Dec. 31 report from Bloody Elbow, UFC President Dana White is unhappy with the questionable judging at UFC 155.

White compared it to boxing, a sport where judging has been controversial of late.

"It kills my business," White said. "Manny Pacquiao lost a f---- decision in that fight, and what happens is, the first thing you think is, and I hate Bob Arum, I can't stand that f---ing guy. He didn't fix that fight. He had nothing to do with it. I'd love to sit here and b---- and say ‘Bob Arum rigged it and he did this'. He didn't."

White was especially upset that one UFC 155 judge scored the bout between Melvin Guillard and Jamie Varner as a 30-27 in favor of the former.

"It's decisions like this and the 30-27 Guillard tonight that just, it does kill you," White said. "People think that it's us. A lot of people aren't educated on the fact that the Nevada state athletic commission actually picks these people and allows them to keep judging fights."

White noted that the judging was so bad that UFC 155 headliner Cain Velasquez had to worry about earning a judge's decision victory even though he clearly defeated Junior dos Santos.

"It's unbelievable," White said. "30-27 for Guillard? Crazy, right? You could never watch a fight in your f---in' life and not score that 30-27. That was scary, I mean, Cain Velasquez had to sweat it at the end when they called that decision. You never know with those guys. It happens. These guys are crazy."

Velasquez defeated Junior dos Santos in the UFC 155 headliner.


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