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UFC: Alistair Overeem admits motivation to fight Brock Lesnar is money-related

According to an Aug. 4 report from Yahoo! Sports, Alistair Overeem finally revealed his motivation for a rematch with Brock Lesnar. Not surprisingly, Overeem says the reason why he wants to fight Lesnar again is because the former UFC heavyweight champ is a big guy who can sell tickets. In other words, it's all about the money. Lesnar has a special way of putting fans in the seats and selling pay-per-views. He's great for business, and Overeem is looking to cash in by banking on a Lesnar comeback tour.

Alistair Overeem admits the reason he wants UFC fight against Brock Lesnar is about money
Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

UFC fighters receive bonuses based on pay-per-view sales, and Overeem knows that better than anyone. Since Lesnar is perhaps the biggest draw in UFC history, Overeem would love nothing more than to welcome him back to the Octagon, and pick up some pay-per-view points in the process. If Lesnar ever did return to the UFC fold, it would undoubtedly be a main event headlining fight.

It appears that Overeem simply wants a piece of the pie. Is there anything wrong with that? Not at all. UFC fighters have a short window to earn as much money as they possibly can, so Overeem is smart for calling out the biggest name he could think of. So far, Lesnar hasn't responded to Overeem's challenge.

Lesnar has other things to worry about, namely a match against John Cena at WWE SummerSlam. At 37 years old, Lesnar probably won't ever try to test himself inside the UFC cage again. The former UFC heavyweight champ went 5-3 overall in a short MMA career that only lasted four years.

Even though Lesnar was only in the UFC between 2008 and 2011, he was easily one of the biggest stars the promotion ever had. To this day, Lesnar's fights rank among the top sellers of all-time when it comes to UFC pay-per-view buys. Lesnar beat some high-level names, including Frank Mir and Randy Couture.

Unfortunately, his MMA career took a sour turn after fighting through a case of diverticulitis in 2010. He went on to lose to Cain Velasquez and Overeem. Even though Overeem beat Lesnar once, he wants to fight him once again, basically to collect some easy money.

For now, both Overeem and Lesnar have other things to worry about. Overeem fights Ben Rothwell in September on a UFC Fight Night card, and Lesnar takes on Cena at WWE SummerSlam. UFC President Dana White would love to bring Lesnar back to the fold, but he's probably making more money in the WWE. MMA fighting is a young man's game, so a 37-year-old Lesnar might not want to hop back into the Octagon against one of the most dangerous men in the world.

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