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UFC 175 star Ronda Rousey supports CM Punk's decision to retire from the WWE

According to a July 4 report from Fansided, UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey supports CM Punk's decision to retire from the WWE. Rousey, who fights Alexis Davis at UFC 175, often gets asked about Punk because she's a huge fan of the WWE. She's also Punk's close friend.

UFC 175 star Ronda Rousey supports CM Punk's decision to retire from the WWE
Photo by Angela Weiss

Rousey, 27, told the media this week that she understands why Punk would leave millions of dollars on the table by walking away from the WWE. She thinks Punk simply lost his passion for pro wrestling, and couldn't bring himself to go through of motions of competing just for a paycheck. Rousey said the same thing happened to her when she competed in judo, as she lost the passion for the sport and decided to walk away.

The UFC 175 superstar also noted that she would love to see Punk compete under the WWE banner again someday, but only if it's what he wants to do. Rousey is hoping Punk finds a passion for pro wrestling again. Punk, 35, walked away from the WWE following this year's Royal Rumble. He was apparently legitimately burnt out on the sport, and his body was aching.

Most WWE fans thought Punk would take a short rest to heal up his body, before ultimately coming back. So far, that hasn't happened. Punk has been spotted at various sporting events in Chicago, living the good life with his wife, A.J. Lee. He apparently is happy in retirement, and has no interest in returning to pro wrestling. No one really knows for sure what's on his mind, besides the man himself.

What Rousey said is absolutely true. Punk shouldn't compete just for the paycheck, as fans would surely realize he was losing interest and just going through the motions. WWE Universe deserves high-level competition from athletes who really want to be there. If Punk doesn't want to compete, he shouldn't have to. Punk's WWE contract is set to expire this month, so fans will likely learn more about the situation once the contract is up.

Punk hasn't released an official statement saying he's retired and not coming back, so that's why wrestling fans continue to speculate about his return. As for Rousey, she has other things to worry about besides Punk. The star judoka is set to fight Alexis Davis in the co-main of UFC 175, which goes down July 5 in Las Vegas. Rousey is undefeated, but her UFC 175 fight against Davis might be her toughest test yet.