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UFC 175: George Roop takes fan photo with Ronda Rousey

According to a KatphotoSports YouTube post published on July 2, UFC bantamweight superstar George Roop takes a fan photo with Ronda Rousey during the UFC's International Fight Week festivities in Las Vegas. Roop, 32, is spotted in the video signing UFC 175 posters alongside Rousey, before casually asking to take a picture with her. Rousey happily obliged to the photo request. It was a cute, tender moment in a sport that typically makes headlines for its violence.

Ronda Rousey is set to fight at UFC 175
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Roop told the 27-year-old Rousey he was a bit embarrassed to take a picture with her, being that they are both athletes who compete under the same banner. The Arizona native admits in the video that Rousey is the first UFC fighter he ever took a photo with, because he's such a big fan of hers. Roop seems to think taking a picture with a fellow fighter isn't something that should generally be done, because it would indicate someone acting more like a fan than a fighter.

Is Roop correct in his assessment? Absolutely not. Fighters take photos with each other all the time, and it could indicate any number of things. Fighters might take pics with each other just out of friendship, or because they have a mutual respect for each other. Roop's fan-boy moment with Rousey was genuine and sweet, so he has nothing to be embarrassed about.

It's kind of cool when a top-ranked UFC fighter is still a supporter of the sport, and can admire other fighters just like any other MMA fan would. What else can fight fans take away from Roop's fan-boy pic with Rousey? Not much, besides the fact that it shows the standout judoka has serious star power, even among her peers.

Not only is Rousey a fighter, she's also now a movie star and model. Rousey is the complete package of brains, personality and fighting skills. She has it all, and her fellow UFC warriors appreciate what she brings to the table. Even UFC President Dana White can't help himself from taking fanboy pics with Rousey, and he's in charge of a billion-dollar company. If the boss can do it, there's no reason why UFC fighters shouldn't be allowed to take pics with Rousey.

Roop and Rousey are having fun right now, but they'll be getting down to business this weekend at UFC 175. Rousey puts her bantamweight title on the line against Alexis Davis in the UFC 175 co-main, while Roop fights Rob Font on the UFC 175 preliminary card on Fox Sports 1. UFC 175 is set for July 5 in Las Vegas.

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