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UFC 170: Ronda Rousey, Olympic judo player, faces Sara McMann, Olympic wrestler

Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann
Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann

Since February 7, 2014, athletes around the world have been competing in various winter sports at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, which will conclude on February 23, 2014. On February 22, 2014, two Olympic medalists will compete for the UFC Bantamweight Championship at UFC 170. Riverside County's Ronda Rousey, a bronze medalist in Olympic judo, will defend her championship belt against Sara McMann, a silver medalist in Olympic wrestling.

Rousey has been getting much attention from the media. Rousey has continued to dominate her opponents, all of whom have lost by armbar. In December 2013, Rousey armbarred her archnemesis, Miesha Tate, who was Rousey's opposing coach in the most recent season of the TV show The Ultimate Fighter. Her impressive armbar, however, is not the only reason Rousey has been getting a ton of attention. Rousey's behavior on The Ultimate Fighter has irritated many people, and Rousey's refusal to shake Tate's hand after the fight has caused Rousey to turn heel. Love her for her submission skills or hate her for her attitude, Rousey is a polarizing figure who is drawing many fans to watch her fight.

McMann, like Rousey, is an undefeated fighter who has competed at the highest level in a grappling sport. The UFC highlighted the feud between Rousey and Tate to promote Rousey's fight against Tate, but for the match between Rousey and McMann, the UFC is using McMann's Olympic credentials and Rousey's Olympic credentials to market the main event of UFC 170.

Can McMann provide a challenge for Rousey? Will Rousey continue her dominance? Will Rousey get her ninth submission victory in nine professional MMA matches?