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UFC 170: Live on-site reports & results

UFC 170
UFC 170

Hello MMA fans, this is National MMA Examiner Ryan McKinnell reporting live from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev., for UFC 170: Rousey vs. McMmann.

We'll be doing things a bit different tonight, because in lieu of a traditional play-by-play or results page, we're going to try a different format; tonight we'll be bringing you minute-by-minute updates of the happenings surrounding UFC 170.

Of course, traditional results will appear -- and they will be listed in bold print next to their time stamps. However, this page will give updates on all the goodies happening in Vegas in relation to this historic card. Whether it be rumors, play-by-play, celebrities in attendance, or just general thoughts, this will be a chronological recording of tonight's fights.

The main event of UFC 170 features a matchup of two undefeated Olympic medalists meeting in the Octagon for the very first time, as women's bantamweight champ "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey defends her belt against Sara McMann.

Also on the card is a intriguing co-main event match-up between Daniel Cormier -- who is making his long awaited light heavyweight debut after a successful, and undefeated run at heavyweight -- and newly signed Patrick Cummins. Cummins is serving as a late replacement for the injured Rashad Evans. The story of Cummins has been well documented, and tonight is the night he looks to shock the world.

Finally, a welterweight showdown between Demian Maia and Rory McDonald round out the top-end of the UFC 170 card. Both fighters are coming off of losses in their last outings, and are looking to find redemption. At varying points in their careers, both fighters have been looked at as contender prospects, so tonight will serve as a jumping off point to bigger and better things for the victor.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fights (in whatever capacity)!

Notes from last night: I can confirm that Nick Diaz IS in Las Vegas. Nothing much to take away from that -- Nick often comes into town to take in the fights, so don't get your hopes up at a return anytime soon, folks. Another interesting nugget, Cristiane 'Cyborg' Justino was out and about last night partying it up with a powerhouse agent. No confirmation if she has signed with this company, but seeing her in Vegas on a Ronda Rousey fight weekend certainly has piqued the interest of the MMA underground. Finally, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva is by far the best man in mixed martial arts -- that is all.

2:27 pm PST -- About to head down to the Mandalay Bay. More updates should start flowing around 3:30 pm PST, so keep it locked here, folks. I shall return.

3:40 pm PST -- Ran into world renowned MMA trainer and fitness guru Mike Dolce in the Mandalay Bay valet. He informed me that he has been working with Ronda Rousey and Mike Pyle on this UFC 170 card. So, for all you fans of the Dolce Diet, your man is in the building and ready for battle.

4:04 -- Lightweight bout between Ernest Chavez and Yosdenis Cedeno is now underway, and is kicking off the UFC 170 festivities. Updates on a winner will follow.

4:10 -- Heard a RUMOR that the UFC is interested in putting together a Nick Diaz vs. Roy Jones Jr. boxing match. This is a rumor, mind you, and not confirmed with anyone within the UFC. So, take that for what you will.

4:23 -- Crowd hollering "Ba Ba Booey," so if you're a fan of Howard Stern, get down to the Mandalay Bay and mark out, because we have some of the East Coast's finest (or worst, depending on your view point) in attendance.

4:24 -- First fight has wrapped, results to follow.

4:25 -- Your winner via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27) Ernest Chavez

4:32 -- Lightweight bout underway between Rafaello Oliveira vs. Erik Koch is up next at UFC 170

4:37 -- Koch gets on Oliveira early, drills him with a straight left and follows up with brutal ground and pound. Fight over. Your winner at 1:24 of Round 1 via TKO, Erik Koch. "That was the real Erik Koch!" says Koch post-fight.

4:44 -- Currently waiting on next fight -- a flyweight bout between Zach Makovsky vs. Josh Sampo.

5:11 -- Sampo vs. Makovsky is underway. Crowd is sparse at this point.

5:12 -- Quotes from Chavez vs. Cedeno

Ernest Chavez:
“His footwork was much better than I expected. You hear about the UFC jitters all the time and I can tell you that it is definitely a reality. I’m just fortunate that I have great coaches who were able to steer me through the fight. I did my best to get the points and it ended up going my way. I’m looking forward to getting back in that Octagon and getting a finish next time around.”

Yosdenis Cedeno:
“I can say a bunch of words and give excuses, but the best explanation of what happened tonight is that he was better than me. I could’nt finish him in the third round and that’s what it would’ve taken to win. I need to go back to the gym and think about how I can improve my game plans. I'm really disappointed in myself but I’ll learn from it all and be back better.”

5:13 -- Quotes from Oliveira vs. Koch

Erik Koch:
“Striking off the takedown is something we were working really hard on during training camp. I definitely expected the takedowns to come fast and often from Rafaello. I didn’t want to open up my stance and be susceptible to it so I tried my best to keep distance and point fight. He threw a weak jab and opened himself up pretty bad. The goal was to go out there and fight like Machida and Anderson, really pick my shots and luckily I was able to capitalize on his early mistake.”

Rafaello Oliveira:
“I did the best I could in that Octagon tonight but it wasn’t enough. My opponent did what he should've. He punched me in the right place at the best time so I give him all the credit on the win. I think I just need to spend some time with my family before considering what’s next for me."

5:14 -- Makovsky controlling Sampo with wrestling for most of round 1. 1:20 left in the opening frame.

5:15 -- Round one in the books, Makovsky wins it on my scorecard.

5:21 -- Round two is a wrap. Makovsky ahead 2-0 on my scorecard.

5:29 -- Your official decision reads as follows: Zach Makovsky def. Josh Sampo via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

5:32 -- Bantamweight bout between Cody Gibson and Aljamain Sterling up next.

5:43 - Sterling and Gibson is underway and Sterling came out on fire. Early flurries, followed by a stiff double leg. Sterling is controlling now -- 2:23 left in the opening round.

5:47 -- Sterling ends the round pinning Gibson against the cage and employing dirty boxing. Round 1 goes to Sterling.

5:52 -- Gibson rebounds in round two and controls Sterling with solid wrestling and a good clinch game. Sterling catches himself in a guillotine as the round comes to an end. Round 2 goes to Gibson.

5:59 -- Spirited round three by both combatants. Sterling uses unrelenting pressure and a solid ground attack to stifle the majority of Gibson's offense in the final frame. Sterling takes the round. Official decision to follow.

6:01 -- Your official decision reads as follows: Aljamain Sterling def. Cody Gibson via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

6:11 -- Bantamweight bout between Raphael Assuncao and Pedro Munhoz is underway. Great opening two minutes from the fighters. No clear winner at this point.

6:15 -- Close opening round. Assuncao takes it.

6:15 -- Quotes from Makovsky vs. Sampo

Zach Makovsky:
“I think that Josh and I are very similar in terms of body type, skills, and training background so it was just going to be a matter of who can implement their game better. I felt coming in that it would be a wrestling match and I was pretty confident that I would get the better of that aspect of the fight. I was making him miss throughout the fight but I wasn’t able to counter as effectively as I should’ve. I know I could’ve done a lot better out there but it just gives me more to improve on for the next time I step into that Octagon.”

Josh Sampo:
“It was a great fight. He forced me into his rhythm and timing out there. I’m proud of my performance tonight, but very disappointed in the loss. I’m eager to get back in there. I’ve got a lot left to prove to the fans and myself.”

6:20 -- Munoz started the round strong, backing Assuncao down. Midway through Assuncao takes it to the ground and employs some good offense. Back to the feet now with three minutes left in the 2nd round. Assuncao ends up taking the round.

6:25 -- Assuncao lets Munoz walk forward for the majority of round three -- Assuncao counters at will -- a masterful performance. One minute left in the final frame.

6:28 -- Assuncao takes the third round, and most likely the fight. Official results to follow.

6:30 -- Raphael Assuncao def. Pedro Munhoz via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

6:39 -- Alexis Davis vs. Jessica Eye underway.

6:40 -- Just spoke to Nick Diaz. He says UFC asked him about a Roy Jones Jr fight -- he said he was interested. Hasn't heard anything back in a month. He also said he's not coming back for anything less than a title shot. "Why would I bring someone up to my level?"

6:44 -- Jessica Eye controls the majority of the 1st round. Davis earns a late takedown. Eye takes the round on my card.

6:46 -- Quotes from Sterling vs. Gibson

Aljamain Sterling:
“That third round is always a gut check. When it’s all tied up one to one and you have five minutes to get it done. It’s all about finding that extra something that you didn’t know you had. When I took his back and got my hooks in I was just thinking rear naked choke but my arms were so heavy. I was just focused on maintain the position. It’s always position over submission in that situation because you don’t want to make any mistakes. You want to be exciting for the fans but you also have to be smart, it’s a balance. Just glad I was able to get the win out there tonight.”

Cody Gibson:
"I lost the position two times in the third round and missed the chance to choke him out. I felt comfortable with my cardio, even though I had a short camp. I accepted this fight on two weeks’ notice. I’m going right back to training camp. I need to work on a lot of things so that I can have a successful comeback in the UFC."

6:49 -- Alexis Davis control Jessica Eye for the majority of the second round. Utilizes crazy-effective top-control and ground and pound. Easily Davis' round.

6:55 -- Good back and forth round three. Eye keeps it on the feet and counters for a good portion of the round. Big exchange to end the round and the fight. The crowd roars in approval. Official decision to follow.

6:58 -- Alexis Davis def. Jessica Eye via Split-Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

7:07 -- Main card is about to kick off on PPV. Fun note for all you pro wrestling fans: Stone Cold Steve Austin was backstage kicking it with UFC brass. Queried Mr. Stone Cold about an interview, but he's here to take in the fights. This isn't the first fight he's been at -- he's a self-admitted fan of MMA...big time.

7:10 -- A welterweight bout between Robert Whittaker and Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson is up next. Thompson walks into Tenacious D's "Wonderboy." Classic.

7:13 -- "The Gangster from West Linn" is in attendance, as there has been a confirmed Chael P. Sonnen sighting cage-side.

7:16 -- Whittaker and Thompson come out aggressive and ready to wing -- leg kicks and couter punching from both. Whittaker popping his jab as he looks to back Thompson up. Thompson looking to counter.

7:18 -- Fun opening round so far. Plenty of action and snappy technique. Whittaker still pressuring, and landing, while Thompson lands counters of his own. Thompson is ripping lead lefts to the body. Thompson snaps off a brutal uppercut that drills Whittaker. Outstanding 1-2 combo by Wonderboy. He's getting loose.

7:20 -- Ridiculous counter right coming off a 1-2 combo from Thompson drops Whittaker! He's down and hurt. Thompson swarms in for the finish! The fight is called off. Great finishing acumen showed by Whittaker over a really game opponent in Whittaker. Official result to follow.

7:22 -- Stephen Thompson def. Robert Whittaker via TKO at 3:43 of Round One

7:23 -- Thompson: "The more and more I do this, the more I get comfortable...I wouldn't say I'm the best MMA fighter, but I'm getting better at it everyday."

7:25 -- Welterweights Mike Pyle and TJ Waldburger are up next at UFC 170.

7:31 -- Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett-Smith are in attendance with the family Octagon-side. It's a star-studded event folks, despite any perceived lack of hype in the eyes of the fans.

7:35 -- A spirited opening round thus far between Pyle and Waldburger. With two minutes left, it seems Pyle is getting the best of it. I'm honestly too busy worrying about how I can ambush Stone Cold with a blue steel chair to be caring about any MMA fights...."By gawd!!!" -- Jim Ross

7:41 -- Round 2 is turning into a slugfest. Both fighters are battling with one another, and Waldburger is bleeding from the nose and mouth with two minutes left in the round.

7:43 -- Quotes from Munhoz vs. Assuncao

Raphael Assuncao:
“I'm a little bruised up but I'm feeling fine. Another win under my belt. The late change in opponent wasn't a big deal but it did throw me off because I had a solid game plan for my previous opponent. I'm not the greatest puncher or the heaviest hitter but I hit him with some really hard shots that didn't put him down so that surprised me. I watched some tape on him and those push kicks to check the distance really helped me out there. My record speaks for itself. I think it's good to have a chip on your shoulder because it’s motivating. Every guy I've beaten has been on a winning streak. Every guy was coming off damn good wins when I beat them. I'm not going to change who I am or the way I promote fights just to get a title shot but I think I've done plenty to earn that shot. I’m ready to go if that’s what the UFC wants.”

Pedro Munhoz:
"There are no excuses for the loss. Raphael Assuncao is the strongest guy I’ve ever fought. I had a fight a month ago, then my camp was short but good enough to get the win. Raphael deserves to fight for the title. I landed good punches and kicks but he was really strong overcoming the pain when I caught him. I’ve fought guys with more experience, but Assuncao was stronger than me tonight. It’s my first lost, and I'm a little disappointed but this is not the last time you’ll see me. It’s a new beginning."

7:44 -- Round three set to kick off between Waldburger vs. Pyle. Tough, and fairly even fight up until this point.

7:46 -- Real scrappy fight between Pyle and Waldburger! Pyle drops Waldburger with a stiff punch and Waldburger retreats. Waldburger now pressing Pyle against the cage, looking to recoup.

7:48 -- Pyle lands some VICIOUS standing elbows with two minutes left. Waldburger drops. Pyle now in full mount bringing down power shots. Waldburger rolls to his back as Pyle unleashes on him. Referee Herb Dean steps in, the fight is over! Great fight, and a very good win for Mike Pyle. Official result to follow.

7:49 -- Davis vs. Eye quotes

Alexis Davis:
“I thought my performance was good. I could see by the look in her eye that she wasn’t going to go down easily. You find things you do wrong in both wins and losses and I definitely had my share of mistakes tonight. Jessica was a lot stronger than I expected her to be. Even on the ground when she was holding my wrist I was having the toughest time trying to wrestle it away from her. I think it’s my time to shine. I’ve won all three of my fights in the UFC against the top competition. I believe I’ve earned a shot at the title and I’d love the chance to get that belt.”

7:50 -- Mike Pyle def. TJ Waldburger via TKO at 4:03 of Round 3.

7:51 -- Mike Pyle: "They got me at #15, lets get me in the top ten"

7:52 -- A welterweight showdown between Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia is up next at UFC 170.

7:57 -- Thompson vs. Whittaker quotes

Stephen Thompson:
“I can’t even describe how good I feel right now. Whittaker is a very tough opponent so I was careful to stay away from his power and use my speed. I’ve got great instructors and coaches and my ground game is improving quickly. I’m still a striker at heart though so naturally that’s where I want the fight to take place. I’m a fighter which means I will fight anyone at any place any time the UFC wants me to. I’m ready for whatever they have lined up next for me.”

Robert Whittaker:
"I was focused on the game plan but Stephen is a tough guy. He has a good striking skills, that were showing tonight at the octagon. I tried to show up in the best shape, but it was not enough. I learned a lot from this loss and I’m going to use every bit of it in training for the next one.

7:58 -- MacDonald and Maia are currently making their way to the cage.

8:03 -- Maia walks out to some Linkin Park song, and MacDonald enters to Metallica's "Seek and Destroy." I don't think there's a question who won that matchup.

8:05 -- Within the first 30 seconds, Maia has MacDonald on his back. So, there's that. Maia working now, and in full mount.

8:08 -- Maia doing a masterful job of controlling Rory. In his guard now, and out of full-mount, but he's working hard. MacDonald is bloody around the face, and Maia is putting it on him.

8:09 -- MacDonald scrambles to his feet with authority and is landing some aggressive strikes. Maia hunkers down and lands a slick combo of his own! The round ends on a rathe explosive note. Primed for an intriguing second round. The crowd gives their approval with a universal cheer of approval.

8:11 -- Maia slowing down now to open the second round. MacDonald is taking over. Maia is shooting for a takedown often, and MacDonald is sprawling with ease. MacDonald seems to be turning it on and really gaining momentum.

8:12 -- MacDonald is picking Maia apart with a plethora of kicks to the body and arms. He's popping his jab and walking Maia down, all the while not risking being taken down. He looks incredibly confident. Maia bloodied, wobbly, and almost out of this fight. He looks worn.

8:15 -- Round two is all Rory MacDonald. He takes the round easy, and batters Maia for all five minutes. To be honest, I'm surprised he survived the round.

8:16 -- Maia's corner is directly in front of me. He's exhausted. He dropped to one knee at the sound of the horn. It's gonna be a tough five minutes coming up for the Brazilian in round three.

8:18 -- Despite being incredibly lethargic, Maia earns a scoop takedown early in the third round and is working inside MacDonald's guard. MacDonald holds on and is looking to sweep the dangerous BJJ wizard.

8:20 -- Back to the feet now and MacDonald is working his stand-up offense. The crowd chants, "Rory!"

8:21 -- The round ends with MacDonald battering Maia, as the Brazilian was constantly shooting, looking for the takedown. Official results to follow.

8:24 -- Rory MacDonald def. Demian Maia via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

8:24 -- Rory: "The animal is back. I'm ready to kill."

8:28 -- Daniel Cormier vs. Pat Cummins is up next as the co-main event at UFC 170.

8:37 -- We're off, the co-main event of UFC 170 is underway!

8:38 -- Cummins popping his jab, and lands a body kick. The fighters clinch and some thudding strikes are exchanged. I'll tell you this right now: Cummins is fighting to win. No fear. Cormier hits Cummins and Cummins retreats. Cormier lands a brutal combo! Cummins is down and hurt! Referee Mario Yamasaki steps in! The fight is over! Cummins looked game for a moment, but that didn't last long -- over in the first as many predicted. Official results to follow.

8:39 -- Daniel Cormier def. Patrick Cummins via TKO at 1:19 of round one

8:42 -- Cormier on pre-fight hype and subsequent ending: "Yes, it had to happen this way. It could not have gone any other way. I'm mad he hit me twice with all the talking he did!" ......

Cormier on finishing Cummins: "It feels good, man. Listen, when you talk, you have to back it up. That's what I do!"

Cormier on Jones vs. Teixeira: "Let me tell you something, I feel right at the top and if either one of those guys drop out due to injury, they should put me (in there)."

8:48 -- Main event time, friends. McMann just walked out Disturbed "Indestructible" and Rousey is coming out to her trademark Joan Jett "Bad Reputation." The crowd is hot for Rousey -- stark contrast from the Tate fight. Oh, MMA fans, you're so fickle.

8:55 -- McMann comes out SWINGING. Rousey looks uncomfortable. Rousey clinches McMann against the cage. This is a main event, everybody. The crowd is live!

8:56 -- Rousey drops McMann with a knee to the body after some brutal standing elbows! McMann drops! Referee Herb Dean steps in -- rather quickly -- and halts the action! This one is over in the first round, folks, the arm bar streak is done, but Rousey takes the win. Official results to follow.

8:59 -- Ronda Rousey def. Sara McMann at 1:06 via TKO round one.

9:23 -- That's it from UFC 170 for me, friends. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. Head over to for the post-fight presser.

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