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UFC 166 play-by-play: Shawn Jordan vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Shawn Jordan
Gabriel Gonzaga vs Shawn Jordan
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UFC 166 moves to the heavyweight division with a fight between UFC gatekeeper Gabriel Gonzaga and Shawn Jordan. Jordan is 3-1 since joining the UFC and Gonzaga, who is always a threat, is coming off of an impressive win over Dave Herman. Both men need to make statement here in order to get a top 10 opponent in their next outing.

The crowd is ready for our first heavyweight fight of the night. Gonzaga is sporting the awkward mustache and lands a leg kick. Jordan, the southpaw, is plotting forward. Gonzaga lands with a nice inside leg kick. A big overhand right misses by Jordan. Jordan moves in with a straight punch and Gonzaga drops him with a right hand counter. Gonzaga is on top of Jordan and the ref saves Jordan from any more punishment.

Gabriel Gonzaga makes the statement he needed to. Gonzaga wins this fight in under two minutes of the first round. A top 10 opponent should be next for him.