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UFC 166 live play-by-play: Tim Boetsch vs C.B. Dolloway

Tim Boetsch vs C.B. Dolloway
Tim Boetsch vs C.B. Dolloway
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The UFC 166 preliminary fights come to a close with a UFC middleweight fight between C.B. Dolloway and Tim Boetsch. Boetsch is on a two fight losing streak while Dolloway has won two in a row. Boetsch is a good step up in competition for Dolloway.

Before we get into this fight it is important that you are informed that due to a terrible internet connection here in the Toyota Center the play-by-play for the Sarah Kaufman versus Jessica Eye was lost. It was a tremendous fight that had Eye win a split decision over the number 2 ranked Kaufman. Welcome to the top 10 Jessica Eye.

On to the final preliminary fight of the night.

This UFC middleweight fight is ready to go. Dolloway comes out with good head movement. Boetsch catches a kick and lands a solid leg kick of his own. Boetsch is switching stances. Boetsch is looking to land big shots while Dolloway settles for quick strikes with less power. Boetsch shoots in and almost scores the takedown but Dolloway is back to his feet. Dolloway misses with a big right hand. Dolloway raises his arms to taunt Boetsch much to the dislike of the crowd. The first round comes to an end and it will go to Dolloway 10-9.

Round two. Dolloway comes out light on his feet. Boetsch lands a solid shot and Dolloway shoots. He has the takedown. Dolloway passes to half-guard. A scramble by Boetsch and he is back to his feet. Boetsch lands and again Dolloway shoots. Boetsch goes for a guillotine and ends up on top of Dolloway. A scramble and Boetsch has Dolloway pressed against the cage. They separate and take the center of the cage. Dolloway drops his hands again and baits Boetsch to move forward. Dolloway scores the takedown but Boetsch is working for a kimura. The round closes with Dolloway landing elbows to the back of Boetsch. The second round will go to Dolloway as well, 10-9.

One more round. Bad eye poke by Dolloway and Boetsch is in pain. The crowd is all over Dolloway. Boetsch will continue after the doctor checks him out. Boetsch has a sense of urgency with under four minutes to go. Another eye poke by Dolloway and Boetsch thinks it was intentional, so does the crowd. The ref takes a point from Dolloway. Boetsch presses forward and Dolloway scores the takedown. Dolloway moves to mount. Boetsch powers out and scrambles to his feet. Boetsch is pressing Dolloway against the cage. They return to the middle. Boetsch needs to throw more punches if he is going to win this fight. Dolloway shoots and for a moment it looks like Boetsch may have a choke. The fight comes to an end. Boetsch obviously won that round 10-8. This fight could be headed to a draw.

The official scores are 30-26 Boetsch, 29-28 Dolloway, and 30-26 for the winner, Tim Boetsch. UFC 166 moves to pay per view next.

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