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UFC 166 live play-by-play: Roy Nelson vs Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier vs Roy Neslon
Daniel Cormier vs Roy Neslon
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It is co-main event time for UFC 166. This bout will be a heavyweight fight between the undefeated Daniel Cormier and the thorn in the side of Dana White, Roy Nelson. Nelson is looking to rebound from a disappointing loss to Stipe Miocic. Cormier is coming off of a lackluster win over Frank Mir in his UFC debut. The word going around is that Cormier will be moving to the UFC’s light heavyweight division regardless of the outcome of this fight.

The ref calls them to the center to go over the rules and this fight is official. Nelson looks the best he has ever looked physically speaking. Cormier is looking to jab and Nelson is cutting off the cage. Cormier shoots in and has the takedown. Cormier passes to side control but Nelson recovers to half-guard. Nelson fights his way up but they are against the cage and Cormier is smothering him. Cormier is looking for a single leg and Nelson is attacking with a kimura. They work their way to a clinch against the cage. Cormier lands a hard shot to the body. A Cormier knee goes below the belt and the ref stops the fight. Nelson has up to five minutes. As the fight continues Comrier lands a body kick. Nelson swings that heavy right hand but misses. Cormier goes for a high kick and misses. The round ends and Cormier takes it 10-9.

Round two. Cormier misses an overhand right. Nelson fights off a half-hearted takedown attempt. Cormier faints low and throws high. Push kick to the body by Cormier. Cormier swarms in and then shoots. He presses Nelson against the cage. Big left hand by Cormier and shoots in but is unable to secure the takedown. Cormier again presses Nelson against the cage. Nelson threatens with a choke but Cormier is aware. The clinch breaks and both men are in the middle. Cormier land a hard left but Nelson is not hurt. Leg kick by Cormier is returned by Nelson. Cormier shows both high and low kicks but does not connect. The second round is over. Cormier is in control of this fight as he takes round two 10-9.

Final round, Nelson has to finish this fight to win. They touch gloves. Cormier lands two leg kicks. Nelson throws a left to the body as the crowd gets restless. Cormier is throwing but for the most part is playing it safe. Cormier looks at the clock. Cormier lands a big right and momentarily gets the takedown but Nelson is back to his feet. Both men have slowed a little. Nelson lunges with a big uppercut but misses. This fight comes to end and Cormier has won this round and the fight.

The official word on the fight is 30-27, all for Daniel Cormier. Good win for Cormier here. He showed some more weapons in his standup game. Following the fight Cormier did confirm that his next fight would be in the UFC light heavyweight division.