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UFC 166 live play-by-play: K.J. Noons vs George Sotiropoulos

K.J. Noons vs George Sotiropoulos
K.J. Noons vs George Sotiropoulos
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UFC 166 moves to Fox Sports 1 with their second set of preliminary fights of the night. The opening fight on Fox Sports 1 will be a UFC lightweight fight between George Sotiropoulos and K.J. Noons. Both men are on terrible three fight losing streaks and in huge need of wins. A fourth straight loss in the UFC almost always gets you a pink slip.

You can feel the pressure in the air as both men make their way to the cage.

Herb Dean lets them know it is time to fight and round one begins. Both men come out cautious as George circles and Noons attempts to cut off the cage. Not much to report on as both men continue to circle and the fans begin to boo. Noons lands a big left but George blocks it. A punch below the belt stops the action. Everything is alright and they begin to circle. Noons connects and George is hurt, he lasts to end of the round. The first round goes to Noons 10-9.

The second round begins with Noons looking very confident. Both men work the jab. George throws some combos but Noons avoids them. Noons is looking to land to the body. George shoots in but Noons is equal to it. Noons finds air with an uppercut. Noons lands a hard left and George shoots and scores the takedown. Noons uses the cage to get back to his feet. Noons checks the clock. Noons ducks and barley misses getting hit with a head kick. The second round ends and George has settled in. This round was much closer than the first. Noons gets this round 10-9 due to his aggression.

Five more minutes for both of these guys to prove they belong on the biggest stage in MMA. Noons is aggresive but so is George. George lands a leg kick. Noons is trying to find a home for his left hook. Noons connects with a striaght right. George is cut. Spin kick from George almost lands. George works the leg kicks. Noons lands again to the body. This fight comes to a close and it seems the level changes and body shots were too much for George. Noons wins the final round and the fight 30-27.

Buffer lets us know the scores are 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27 all in favor of K.J. Noons. This may be the final time we see the 36 year old George Sotiropoulos in the UFC.

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