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UFC 166 live play-by-play: Cain Velasquez vs Junior dos Santos III

Cain Velasquez meets Junior do Santos at UFC 166
Cain Velasquez meets Junior do Santos at UFC 166
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The time has arrived. The UFC 166 main event has come. UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is set to defend the title against former champion Junior dos Santos. These two men are the worlds best in the heavyweight division and they each hold a victory over the other. Dos Santos defeated Velasquez for the title in their first fight in under two minutes by knockout. The second fight was won by Cain Velasquez in dominant fashion but by decision.

Junior dos Santos is greeted with jeers into the Toyota Center and UFC champion Cain Velasquez is welcomed as if he lived here in Houston. There is not one fan in their seat. The trilogy fight between Velasquez and dos Santos is now.

There is no turning back now. The first round is a go. Junior lands a solid left hand. Velasquez wastes no time in scoring the takedown. Dos Santos is back to his feet. They exchange momentarily but Velasquez presses dos Santos against the cage. They break away from the cage as Velasquez lands a knee. Dos Santos throws a wild punch and Velasquez takes him right back to the cage. Velasquez scores the takedown and is in the half-guard of dos Santos. Dos Santos scrambles and is back to his feet but Velasquez goes right back to the clinch against the cage. Velasquez is easily controlling this fight in the clinch. They trade knees to the body as the round comes to an end. Velasquez takes the first round 10-9.

It is the start of the second round and Velasquez presses the pace. He pushes dos Santos against the cage and begins to work his dirty boxing. Velasquez is in full form. Double jab by Velasquez and then it is back up against the cage. They separate and dos Santos may be slowing a bit. Velasquez gives him no time to rest and takes the fight right back to the cage. A brief scramble and Velasquez backs dos Santos up with a left. Velasquez pushes forward again and dos Santos is against the cage. Velasquez is landing some big knees in the clinch. The clinch is broken and dos Santos swings for the fence but it doesn’t matter because Velasquez pushes right back to the cage. Dos Santos lands a hard right to close the second round but Velasquez takes the second round as well. 10-9 to Velasquez.

The third round begins and dos Santos is trying to land the big right hand to no avail. He finds himself again with his back against the cage. Dos Santos slips in a big elbow but cannot free himself from the clinch of Velasquez. The crowd is growing tired of the grinding style of Velasquez. The clinch breaks and Velasquez drops dos Santos with a right. He tries to finish but the ref is giving him dos Santos every chance to recover and he does. Dos Santos is back to his feet but is hurt again by Velasquez. Dos Santos recovers but finds himself against the cage. They break and Velasquez lands another right hand. Dos Santos is in trouble. The third round ends and dos Santos looks like he may be defeated. The third round goes to Velasquez 10-9.

Dos Santos looks heavy in between rounds while Velasquez is fresh. Velasquez comes out aggressive and again lands a big right that hurts dos Santos. Dos Santos is against the cage taking big shots. Velasquez initiates the clinch again. This time a left catches dos Santos and his knees shake but Velasquez clinches again. Velasquez goes back to the knees. Velasquez goes to the feet with foot stomps. The left eye of dos Santos is beginning to swell badly. Velasquez has opened up a cut above the left eye of dos Santos. The ref calls for the doc to check the cut. Dos Santos will continue. Dos Santos lands a big elbow from the clinch as he now has blood coming from his eye and ear. The cut is clearly bleeding into the eye of dos Santos. The fourth round is over and you may have to give it to Velasquez by way of 10-8.

Final round for these two heavyweight warriors. The doctor checks the cut again and again dos Santos will continue. Dos Santos is throwing hay-makers but Velasquez scores the takedown. Dos Santos works his way to his feet but cannot avoid the cage. Velasquez works the dirty boxing in the clinch. Velasquez now has a cut on his nose. Dos Santos goes for a choke and Velasquez spins out forcing the head of Dos Santos to drive into the canvas. That is it, Dos Santos covers up and the ref stops the fight at the 3:09 mark of the final round.

Cain Velasquez retains the UFC heavyweight title by TKO. Velasquez is without a doubt the best heavyweight fighter in the world.

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