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UFC 116 Preview: A look at Carwin vs. Lesnar

The heavyweight will battle Saturday, July 3 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
The heavyweight will battle Saturday, July 3 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
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The time has finally come for MMA fans far and wide to witness the heavyweight match up of the year: Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar at UFC 116.
In what has been called history in the making, these two men will step into the cage this Saturday and one will emerge victorious as the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Will it be Shane Carwin? The man who has waited patiently for his shot at the title until UFC president Dana White threw him and Frank Mir in the cage back in March to fight for the interim title. When Carwin, who is training with Jackson's and Grudge Sports, came out on top in the first round, he knew he was one step closer to taking on Lesnar.
In the other corner is the Champion Brock Lesnar. Here is a man who was able to take hold of the belt back in 2008 after defeating Randy Couture at UFC 91 and has held onto it ever since. When medical issues began to plague Lesnar last year, he has to put defending his title on hold until he was able to fully heal.
The big question is what does Shane Carwin need to do to take home the championship belt and how is Brock Lesnar going to try and stop him?
Each man has considerable wrestling skills, with both having competed at NCAA levels. The chances of this match being on the ground is unlikely due to the experience of both. This war is going to be a stand and bang match. When you look at the stats, Carwin comes out on top. Out of his 12 wins, seven of them have been by knockout. Lesnar stats show out of five matches, two have been KOs. With that being said, Carwin has had much more experience in the cage. Another advantage. Last but not least is cage time. Shane Carwin has never had to take a match past the first round.
With these odds stacked, who do you think will take home the championship belt? Will it be Carwin or Lesnar? Tune in Saturday to find out which man takes it all at UFC 116.

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Fourth of July fireworks at the MGM Grand when Lesnar and Carwin finally battle


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