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UFC 116 Pre-fight Conference: Lesnar blessed to be here, White doesn't care about Fedor

The UFC heavyweights get ready to take this war to the cage.
The UFC heavyweights get ready to take this war to the cage.

As the epic match-up gets closer and closer, the warriors set to fight on Saturday took time today to answer questions from the media as well as fans in the UFC 116 pre-fight conference.
While many of the questions were referring to UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar's health and recovery, many also took aim at the Leben - Akiyama match. Chris Leben took the match on very short notice after Wanderlei Silva had to bow out due to injury. Yoshihiro Akiyama and his team have made it clear that they didn't like the idea of Leben stepping in because Silva is a much more notable fighter and felt it didn't give Akiyama the credit he deserved. Leben spoke with "For him to say I'm not a worthy opponent kind of throws me. I've got ten wins in the UFC. He's got one UFC win over Alan Belcher by split decision. I don't think that qualifies him to say that I'm not qualified to face him." Akiyama also spoke with to express his feelings on the situation."I'm very familiar with Chris' popularity in the States, but compared to Wanderlei overseas, [Wanderlei] is a much more bigger name in Korea and Japan," he said through an interpreter. "For me, to improve the popularity of MMA in Japan is one of my goals as well, and to do that, that's a lesser name. That's where I stood." When they were on stage at the conference, they seemed to play nice and even shook hands and bowed. This match is sure to be interesting with the tension in the air.
As far as the main event goes, Lesnar and Shane Carwin answered questions varying in nature. For Lesnar, his health was main topic. "I didn't put anything in my mouth for 13 days." he was telling the media. He kept talking about how "blessed I am to be here" and also spoke of how "I'm in great shape...I don't have to skip a meal tomorrow (for weigh-ins)". Lesnar seemed to be in good spirits and confident when the question arouse concerning Carwin's interim belt. "It doesn't exist," Lesnar made clear. Carwin answered "When Brock said it was a fake belt it went 'poof'".
The interim champion got a lot of questions regarding his record and never having to go past the first round in any of his matches. His answer? "I don't think about the stoppages, I don't think about being undefeated...When you put four ounce gloves on heavyweights you never know what's gonna happen."
With the big match just a few days away, preparation is underway to get these men in the cage to determine who is the number one heavyweight in the world. UFC president Dana White made it clear that this match is the two top heavyweights battling it out and that he doesn't care about Fedor and his recent loss.
UFC 116 is live this Saturday from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will air on PPV beginning at 7pm PT/ 10pm ET.