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UFC 112 Invincible: Far from home

UFC 112 Stadium...built three weeks ago
UFC 112 Stadium...built three weeks ago

UFC 112 will take place Saturday, April 10 at 6:30 (pst) and will take place live from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

For those who do not know where Abu Dhabi is, here is fun link just to show you the distance these fighters have to travel.

There are several reasons aside from the location as to why the event is so unique. For starters, the fight will take place outdoors, under the hot Arabian sun. The fighters have been in Abu Dhabi for the last two weeks, so they should have adjusted to the conditions for the most part.

Another reason that the event is unique is that the UFC is basically putting American hedonism smack dab in the middle of a Muslim society. The event will offer alcohol and will feature gorgeous women in skin tight bikinis. This might not seem like a factor, but it could have a shock impact on the audience.

The last reason UFC 112 is unique is because the stadium where it is taking place was built three weeks ago. Not only was it just built, but the thing looks like a huge alien mother ship that landed in the desert. This does not seem like a move that the UFC brass would go for, but there you have it. Hopefully they built the stadium up to standard and nothing goes awry.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva must be exhausted, because this is the fourth UFC card within one month.