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Udall lied – and someone noticed!

Mark Udall -- campaigning for Obama in 2012, trying to run away from his record.
Mark Udall -- campaigning for Obama in 2012, trying to run away from his record.
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Political attack ads are rampant, and many are lies to make one issue divisive for voters. Mark Udall (CO-D) is using commercials to claim his opponent for the US Senate, Cory Gardner (R), doesn’t want women to have birth control.

One website is seeking to pull the truth out of Udall’s ads. makes commercials to counter what they believe are lies told by Senator Mark Udall. Colorado Springs resident Laura Carno is behind the website, and was interviewed by Jimmy Lakey on KCOL on Thursday, August 7 to tell why she started the site.

On her website, she lists lies, but more importantly, she counters them with creative commercials:

  • Lie of the Year: Udall told Coloradans they could keep their health plans.
  • “You’ll be able to keep your doctor or your plan,” he said in September 2009 on Fox21 News.

She also has commercials ranging from birth control to the Affordable Care Act to the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms).

As Udall tries to run away from his votes (including “Yes” to the Affordable Care Act on 12/24/2009), he said in July 2012 that he proudly voted for it. After 250,000 Coloradans lost their policies, he is backpedaling.

Udall faces a tough challenge from current U.S. Representative Cory Gardner, and he’s stooping low to try to defeat Gardner. Laura Carno takes on his lies, telling Udall (in a radio commercial) that she googled “buy birth control” and got over 73 million results. She says it’s as easy to get as an aspirin.

Her ads are creative and fun, without attacking Udall with lies. In a world where one issue can make or break a candidate, Udall knows "women's rights" will strike one issue voters to the core. If he can attack Gardner (fairly or unfairly) to win, he will do it. Look at the big picture and don’t believe every ad you see on TV.

Carno accepts donations and gives away free bumper stickers on her website.

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