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UCR student convinces kidnapper to release her

Kidnapped, assaulted and then released a A UC Riverside psychology student was able to talk her abductor into letting her go Sunday June 8 local police said. The unidentified student was kidnapped on Iowa Avenue next to the University Village shopping center upon returning to her car in the parking garage.

The story was first reported in the Press Enterprise June 9 and updated on the 11th.

As of Monday the kidnapper was still being searched for and a sketch was released of the abductor by local police.

According to the article, two attempted abductions took place near the Lothian Residence Hall on the UCR campus on April 12. "The descriptions of the suspect in Sunday’s incident and one of the suspects from April are similar — a white male with short- or medium-length blond hair and an age in the mid or late 20s to early 30s — but not a match."

University spokeswoman Kris Lovekin said, "UCR police say it is too soon to know whether there is a connection." The police are currently investigating this now.

UCR students and staff were sent an email alerting them of the kidnapping.

“This is a very dangerous individual,” Riverside police Detective Rick Cobb said.

As accounted by Cobb,

"Around 3:15 p.m. a man dressed in all black grabbed the woman and forced her into his 2009 or newer charcoal gray four-door Nissan Sentra."

Her face was covered and she was struck many times while being tied up in the man's backseat. After about 30 minutes of driving around the woman was able to free her hands and uncover her head. By speaking to her abductor and making an emotional connection with him, she was able to convince him to release her.

"The man drove back to a different area of the parking garage and allowed the woman to leave. She was not robbed. The woman called police about 4:15 p.m," said Cobb.

Anyone with information on the kidnapping is asked to call Cobb at 951-353-7135 or Detective Rick Wheeler at 951-353-7134.

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