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UCLA students vs. Kirk Cameron debate on YouTube...thoughts?

On TMZ today they had a link to a YouTube video of UCLA students confronting former child star Kirk Cameron about his beliefs on Darwinism and evolution.

Kirk now is a born again Christian evangelist, and works with another evangelist named Ray Comfort to spread his beliefs. They have a video series and ministry called The Way of the Master, in which they ask people out on the street questions about what they think about religion and whether or not they are going to heaven.

Kirk and Ray are no strangers to college campuses. I saw Ray Comfort stand on Tommy Trojan and preach to students last year at USC.

Now they are out promoting Ray's new "introduction" to the "Origin of the Species" by Charles Darwin. The book contains the original Darwin text with an intro by Ray, in which he espouses the Intelligent Design theory and attempts to spread the Christian Gospel message.

This endeavor is specifically targeted at American college students. This is why Kirk was at UCLA today. He was handing out copies of the book, which from the front cover alone could pass for Darwin's work.

One of the main points the students made was that people could be tricked by the book. Since it is made to look like the Darwin text on the outside, students could take the book never knowing it contained essentially a religious tract in the front.

What do you think abut this? Should Ray and Kirk be specifically targeting college students with their book? And what do you think of the students' reaction? Let me know by commenting below or at

Here is the YouTube video of students' reaction, it's a little hard to hear but worth listening to. More videos are also up of the debate on YouTube.


  • Peggy Mansfield 5 years ago

    No, they should not be targeting students with their book. They should have used the money they spent on publishing 50,000 copies of the book on food and shelter for LA's over 73,000 homeless.