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UCLA Extension Writers’ Program - Upgrading Your Writing Skills

What’s the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program?

The Largest Open-Enrollment Creative Writing and Screenwriting Program in the Nation - the title pretty much sums it up. UCLA Extension Writer's Program helps people tackle just about all forms of writing. That includes individually designed classes that cater to specific student circumstances (working professionals for example).

Career Development: Their innovative approach to career development that incorporates writing is really making an impact in people’s lives and careers. They represent 200 instructors and their website is sporting over 70 pages of success stories. From students writing articles that go viral and lead to book deals, to people that get their foot in the door at their dream job through written communication skills. Speaking of which…

Human Communication: Finding, getting and keeping a good job these days requires a certain level of quality in self-expression and communicating skills, benefits and solutions. To understand the value of continuing education, just browse through their success stories to see countless ways people move forward today simply by being able to clearly communicate ideas.

Online Writing: More and more writing is published online vs. in-print. This is as true in the corporate sphere as it is in the literary world where ebooks are taking over. The internet just tuned 25 and digital culture is maturing. Online writing is quickly beginning to have the same expectations of quality that we have for print magazine and newspapers.

Why is There a Need for Remedial Writing?

Let me be honest, college students are notorious for spending tons of their time doing things other than reading, writing and studying. With unrealistic demands for educational achievement, laziness, and lack of free time, many students turn to writing companies like And, it is because of this fact that years down the road as professionals they find themselves taking a writing class.

Nothing has changed. As an educator, I have noticed that the internet is 25 years old, but college students will typically always be the same. It’s par for the course.

Thankfully, our new era of digital information makes it much easier to increase personal value in the modern workforce. In this article I am going to talk about what’s going on over at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and how people are using this course to upgrade their incomes.

Roughly 450 Open-Enrollment Courses Annually

For people that live in and around the Los Angeles area there are plenty of opportunities to study and learn on-site. Then there’s the online access for everybody else that isn’t close by. The key is that curriculums are custom-made for the students, rather than forcing students to conform to pre-made courses.

Accessible: There’s something for everyone regardless of your expertise level. From complete beginners to the more advanced writers that may be interested in Masters classes. This program is in essence another glorious symptom of the new more open education system that’s coming about.

Competitions: Right now their competitions revolve around fiction writing, feature film writing and television writing mainly for the purposes of recognition in the industry. However, in time more types of competitions will likely be added to the roster and they also have workshops along with other events.

Consultations: You can get yourself hooked up with a professional consultant that will guide you one on one in the areas of Creative Writing and Screenwriting. There are also Mentorship programs available as well. It’s about meeting industry standards and dramatically enhancing your ability as a writer.

Obviously they have got a wide platform, with tons of value for people looking to enhance their written communication skills or get into the entertainment industry. But, when it comes to the workforce, here’s the truth: today a person can write themselves into a job/career/promotion and employers/startups really care.

Joe might have a four year Business Degree, but does he really know how to write the types of business and technical documents that are in demand today? Even though Mary slacked off a bit, she still got her Marketing Degree. But, can she write emails that get people to act and get involved?

The Polishing Influence

What we quickly find out when we take writing classes to upgrade our skills is that writing is only half the work. Editing, proofreading and polishing takes up the other half. Many of us need to re-learn basic rules of English grammar and punctuation. Then there is the ability to spot holes in syntax and the flow of information.

The list goes on and on. We need to have an idea of who we’re speaking to, what content we’re speaking to them in and deliver the scope without mucking about or filling the air with fluff. How about organizational skills when it comes to writing a resume, drafting a business proposal or filling out our LinkedIn profile?

Whether you are currently a college student or a professional who is ready to upgrade writing skills, check out the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program to consider upgrading your communication skills. It really does pay off.

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