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UC students protest for the second day against tuition hikes

UC students protest tuition hikes today.
UC students protest tuition hikes today.
Photo by Kenny Ramos

Despite throngs of students angrily chanting at their door, the UC Board of Regents officially approved the 32% tuition increase today.

Don't worry though, students are definitely not taking this lying down. The L.A. Times is reporting that classes at UCLA were canceled today because some students actually locked the doors to a building called Campbell Hall on campus and sat inside (read their entire article here).

Several hundred to a thousand UC students protested today from UC schools all over the state to show the UC Regents that they feel the tuition hikes are unfair.

As I talked about yesterday, a recent example at USC proved just how influential students can be if they make their voices loud enough. And those UC voices sure are loud.

But what's next? Already there is a facebook event explaining to UC students how they can write to  California senators, congressional representatives and the California State Legislature try to stop this tuition hike. Over 1,500 people are attending and I encourage anyone who is outraged by the tuition hikes at the UC schools, student or not, to write letters as well.

What do you think about this issue? Are you outraged for the students, or do you understand the UC Regents' position? Leave me a comment below or email me at


  • johnmadison 5 years ago

    This protest is largely response to the effects of freemarket privatization that resulted in global economic collapse and severe restriction of California public funds. The money has disappeared to the corporagte elite. Everyone knows this, students are demonstrating this knowledge.