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UC nursing student admits her rape claim was a lie

Lebanon Police will present charges against Kristen Lamb this week.
Lebanon Police will present charges against Kristen Lamb this week.
Lebanon PD

A University of Cincinnati nursing student raised alarm in her hometown of Lebanon, Ohio when she reported to police that she had been kidnapped early last Monday morning and raped by two unknown men in a wooded area near her home.  She now has admitted to police, however, that she made the entire story up.

Kristen Lamb, 21, of 607 Franklin Avenue in Lebanon was reported missing by her parents after they believed that she had attended classes but failed to return home.  Late in the day Monday, Lamb staggered home with her hands bound in front of her with zip-ties sparking a search for two unknown men.

In her initial story, Lamb claimed she was grabbed by a group of men at approximately 4:00 a.m. while taking out the trash.  She told police that she was taken to a wooded area and raped, but was able to escape. Lamb was reported missing by her parents around 2:30 p.m. Monday and found in her parents' yard around 10 p.m. Monday.

Lamb told police on Thursday, May 27, that she faked the entire event, going so far as to take props from her Franklin Avenue home and bind herself with zip ties.

Lamb will learn this week what charges will be filed against her.  Lebanon police are expected to present their report to prosecutors this week and seem to be seeking a felony charge of making false alarms.  Sgt. Jeff Mitchell of the Lebanon Police Department believes that charge "really fits this particular set of circumstances. It essentially says you can't allege that something occurred when you know in fact that it didn't occur."

Lamb's charge may very well be a fifth-degree felony which carries with it a possible term of imprisonment of up to 1 year.

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  • tom 5 years ago

    wow, one whole year (sarcasm)... Her false claim could have done loads more damage to a man. So far the way convictions are given to women making false claims makes it worthwhile if they want revenge on some guy. She should be getting a lot more jail time and be put on some public list. A list that would protect innocent people.

  • kasey 5 years ago

    I have heard that she used to be really fat, and within the last year or so has lost weight. My guess if when people stopped telling her how good she looked she missed the attention. They are also saying her brother got married the week before this event. Someone is an attention seeker!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Why does the press not post her picture the way they do when a man is accused of rape?

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