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UC Berkeley Law graduate sentenced for killing exotic bird in drunken spree

Teixeira was sentenced to four years probation and 16 hours monthly of volunteer service to an animal shelter for killing a domesticated helmeted guineafowl while intoxicated. The heinours act stirred national and international outrage and
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police booking photo

Justin Alexander Teixeira, 25, of Placerville, Calif. was sentenced on Monday to four years probation and 16 hours monthly of volunteer duty at an animal shelter after wringing the neck of an exotic pet bird at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas in October 2012 reported the

Teixeira, along with two of his friends, Eric Cuellar and Hazhir Kargaran, chased the bird named Turk in the early morning hours through a habitat garden at the hotel and wrung the bird's neck. As guests eating breakfast watched in horror, Teixeira tossed the dead bird's head onto the rocks in the garden.

The egregious act was caught on videotape.

Although Las Vegas has been called Sin City for its sexual, gambling, and alcoholic distractions, the heinous crime of animal abuse and cruelty was not to be overlooked. The "heavily intoxicated" exploits of Teixeira stirred outrage both nationally and internationally.

Cuellar and Kargaran pleaded guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges and were fined and sentenced to community service.

Teixeira apologized to the court on Monday stating:

"It was the worst moment of my life. If there was anything I could do to undo it, I would."

In May 2013, Teixeira pleaded guilty to a felony charge of killing another person's animal. In the plea deal, Teixeira served 190 days in a prison boot camp. The original felony charges of torturing and cruelty to an animal could have resulted in an eight year maximum prison term.

It is not known if Teixeira will be permitted to practice law in the future.

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