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Ubisoft's 'Watch Dogs' has over '3,000 character kits' & infinite possibilities

How many NPCs will we see?
How many NPCs will we see?

Swarming the news lately has undoubtedly been the upcoming open-world title from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, and things are getting more and more specific about what fans can expect when they pick up a copy of Watch Dogs on new-gen and past.

Recently, Ubisoft talked about how many NPCs there are within Watch Dogs' Chicago as well as the types of possibilities we could be seeing whenever we use the profiler to get information about a random NPC in the city.

"The number of NPCs players can encounter at one time depends on a variety of factors like time of day and location. If it’s mid-day, then players will see more NPCs going about their busy lives. At night, we have fewer NPCs reflecting the patterns we see in the real world.

"The downtown core of Chicago is also a busier area with lots more citizens than a more industrial region, for example. Our main goal was to ensure that the world feels as alive as you’d expect in a major city like Chicago.

"And of course, the next gen consoles allow us to place more NPCs in the world than we’ve ever been able to do in current gen consoles. So it’s hard to give specific numbers, but rest assured, the city will feel alive like players have never seen before with many unique NPCs populating the city.

"Every NPC has unique qualities that distinguish him or her from others in the game. There are over 3,000 character kits and an almost infinite amount of unique profiler possibilities," Ubisoft said.

We've already done a quick look at some of the random profiles you can check out while touring the city in Watch Dogs, and they are all unique, despite subtle similarities like the same profession.

Ubisoft has been consistent with their message of density and immersiveness when it comes to Watch Dogs and everything we've seen up to this point seems to be corresponding very well.

The date has been set and all that is left is just to wait for Watch Dogs to launch on May 27th. For all of our latest exclusives, previews, reviews and features, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Game On.

Thanks, DSOG.

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