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Ubisoft's new trailer announces 'Child of Light's release date

Ubisoft released a new trailer earlier today for Child of Light, their upcoming turn-based RPG, which reveals an April 30th release date for North America. This coming-of-age story has players taking on the role of Aurora, a child stolen from her home. Her quest will include rescuing the sun, moon and stars, all of which are being held captive by the Queen of the Night. Aided by the mystical firefly Igniculus, Aurora will combat dragons and other creatures as she explores the world of Lemuria.

We finally have a release date for this upcoming RPG

Child of Light is being worked on by a small team at Ubisoft Montreal, and owes its beautiful style to UbiArt Framework. This engine is the same one responsible for Rayman Legends' colorful visuals. It achieves this style by allowing artists to insert their original concept art, unedited, into the game. The end result is the sensation that one is experiencing the game's world through an interactive painting.

Ubisoft is making Child of Light available for all currently relevant consoles, including the PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and PC. The download price has been set at $14.99. So far, it seems unlikely that this game will see a retail release.

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