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Ubisoft on Tom Clancy's The Division: 'We don’t want it to be a punishing game'

Excited about 'The Division'?
Excited about 'The Division'?
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

Tom Clancy's The Division is implementing various survival elements and it will impact a player's success, but in a positive way. When some games might punish, The Division does not want to.

The Division will indeed be making food and water a priority for players, but to what degree? Fredrik Rundqvist, who is an executive producer on Tom Clancy's The Division, spoke to about how Ubisoft Massive doesn't want The Division's survival elements to be punishing for players.

"Water and food. All of that stuff is important for you, but at the same time, we don’t want it to be a punishing game. We’re not looking to be the typical survivalist game, where if you don’t eat, you die. We want [collecting food and water] to be positive. It’ll add to your stamina or your health, but if you don’t drink water you won’t die after two days," Rundqvist said.

Massive Entertainment has been very vocal about the survival elements in The Division being there to enhance a player's journey, not take away from it. Players will be able to replenish their character through the various collectibles they find in New York City. We saw in the game's first demo in 2013 that there will be things such as food and water to collect inside of areas like police stations.

The Division's players will be able to journey into Dark Zones at different times of day and if you happen to be there alone at night, look out. Rundqvist went on to talk about how nighttime gameplay in the middle of a Dark Zone will not be a place people will want to venture into alone.

"It’s not just a visual change, we’re not just turning off the lights. It’s liked to different behaviors of NPCs, so nightlife of civilians. I can tell you that if you go into these Dark Zones on your own at night, it’s super scary and you’ll think ‘hey is there anyone online? I need help.’ It’s a bad idea to go into a Dark Zone at night by yourself," Rundqvist said.

This should help give fans an idea of the type of challenging AI that awaits them in a Dark Zone at night, but then again, some like a bigger challenge. Tom Clancy's The Division launches in 2015. It's going to be available only on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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