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Ubisoft on ‘The Crew’: Players can’t level up their crew when playing alone

The Crew
The Crew
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

Ubisoft’s has shared new details on how The Crew will approach solo and co-op as separate modes of sorts, and how players will level up their crew throughout the game. While speaking with Examiner, Andrew Willans, Senior Game Designer at Ubisoft Reflections, shared with us that players won’t be able to level up their crew while playing on their own. While this may sound disappointing to some, the reasoning behind this decision makes quite a bit of sense.

With multiplayer being a key aspect to The Crew, Ubisoft has designed the game with co-op as a primary focus. Though co-op will play a key role in the game, Willans explains that players will still find suitable missions to focus on while playing on their own – perhaps, narrative missions. Though the player has the option of playing any mission on their own, the game’s real appeal will come from playing with others. Find Willans’ explanation below:

The honest answer right now, in that example would be no because your progress is still your progress. You might want to do more narrative focused missions yourself and then later if we can joined up with you and saw you did a mission by yourself, that would [defeat the co-op aspects] of the game.

One of the goals the development team has set out to achieve with the title is for players to play missions to unlock car parts. This portion of the game is something that Willans describes as “really cool” to play together with others in co-op. Find Willans’ comment below:

We want people to be playing missions a lot for the car parts that you’ll earn, so it’s hopefully not considered a grind, it’s actually something that’s really cool to play in co-op together.

The Crew will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC this holiday. Find additional details on The Crew's felony system here.

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