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Ubisoft on Far Cry 4: Everest not a focus, offline NPCs in co-op & 2 player max

The key art for 'Far Cry 4.'
The key art for 'Far Cry 4.'
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

With Far Cry 4 taking place in the Himalayas, one would assume that Mount Everest would be one of the game's most iconic locations. Nepal is well known for its tourism industry around the world's highest mountain, with base camps established along the path to the top. Very few have successfully climbed to the summit, so with a game finally taking place in the region, we couldn't help but wonder whether we'll be able to make the trek virtually.

At E3, we had a chance to speak with narrative director Mark Thompson about this being a possibility in Far Cry 4. Unfortunately he says, Mount Everest simply doesn't exist, instead of focusing on the real location, the team decided to create a highly influenced version of the environments found in Nepal.

"We have mountains that get up to [Mount Everest’s] altitudes. We don’t [have] a base camp in the game. We really didn't go for the touristy side of Nepal," Thompson admits.

"We’re more influenced by the remote regions of Nepal. The game isn't really about Everest, base camp and Katmandu," he confirms, "it’s more based off of the remote regions [of Nepal]."

Perhaps that's for the best. Rather than focusing on creating an accurate representation of the world's most famous mountain and risking criticism for not being authentic, Ubisoft Montreal can focus on forging a breathtaking portrayal of the region itself. The only thing that's ever better than the actual situation is an artists interpretation of the area, allowing them to create something that would otherwise be statistically unlikely, or even impossible.

Combine this with the fact that you'll be able to explore these areas with up to one other friend, or an NPC character as Thompson confirms, and Far Cry 4 looks to cram as much into the world as possible.

"We call [the two player co-op] feature Guns for Hire and if you’re offline, you can call in allied NPCs and they’ll show up as well."

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