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Ubisoft Massive talks small details, crafting and New York City for The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division is going to be the debut installment for this new branch of Tom Clancy. The Division will be taking players to New York City, and will not only be about scale, but also density.

Excited about 'The Division'?
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

The Division is obviously going to be about small details, as well as large ones. Fredrik Rundqvist, who is an executive producer on Tom Clancy's The Division, spoke with about some additional small details that he hopes is in The Division's final cut.

"We have a realization director who is going crazy with these kind of details and stuff normal gamers don’t really think about. It adds a cool flavor to the game. What you’ll see in this year’s demo are the paint buckets that shoot up and you can see the paint splashing everywhere. That’s also systemic.

"If you look at a guy playing the game over and over again, you’re going to see it’s a different splash each time, and it’s [part of the game’s] physics. I’m not sure it’s going to be in the game, but what I’m looking for is when you go into a store and shoot all over the place and see the paint splash, I would love to see that in the game," Rundqvist said.

You will all remember the door shut heard round the world from E3 2013. It's small details like that, that make this game even more interesting than it already is. In case you wanted to see the aforementioned paint splatter for yourself, check out the video in this article and see the 3:49 mark.

There are some elements that you typically expect to be prevalent in an RPG and The Division will be no exception to that. Rundqvist briefly talked about the game's crafting system and then divulged some details about New York City's underground.

"For any RPG, crafting is a major component, but I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to progress in the game. It’s going to play an important part of The Division.

"When we did the research for New York City, just exploring the underground is amazing. It’s like Swiss cheese in there, it’s like utility tunnels, old World War II bunkers, all of these rail tracks, the subway system, it’s amazing. It’s almost like it’s two cities on top of each other," Rundqvist said.

Ubisoft is planning on releasing Tom Clancy's The Division sometime during next year, though, we have no specific date to offer up at this time. Stick around for our full exclusive going live this Friday.

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