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Ubisoft Massive discusses enemies and strongholds in 'The Division'

Excited for The Division?
Excited for The Division?
Permission given to use photo by Ubisoft

Tom Clancy's The Division was around E3 2014 this year and Ubisoft showed off some new enemies players will encounter across New York City. Not only that, we have a new glimpse into what a base or stronghold may look like when players start to liberate parts of NYC.

Excited for The Division?
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

Levels of contagion are going to be strong barometers for the types of enemies players will encounter. The Division seems like it'll have a diverse setup of enemies, but there's still more to find out. Ryan Barnard, who is the game director on The Division, discussed the cleaners and some of what will motivate them to set fire to New York's inhabitants.

"The Cleaners are a roaming group of very dangerous group of gentlemen. They're attracted to areas of high contagion. They're extremely aggressive to anyone they perceive as sick.

"They've lot it mentally and anyone that could potentially be sick, is sick or is [dead], they'll burn them with their flamethrowers. So they are very dangerous in the game and you won't want to take them on by yourself," Barnard said.

Players were given a peek at The Cleaners in both the CGI trailer as well as in the gameplay demo we saw during the Microsoft press conference. Their heated actions aside, The Division will also be implementing strongholds as a sort of keep or base for players.

"As you raise the security level and drop the contagion level, you will raise the morale of the civilians that are still there. Eventually you will be able to open or unlock evasive operations.

"These are strongholds or footholds in the area for our agents. [The strongholds] will have direct gameplay benefits for you or your group while you're playing in that area," Barnard said.

It sounds like players may be able to gather strength and perhaps equipment from these strongholds, but that's not confirmed at this point. Ubisoft Massive remains pretty general as far as specifics of The Division's gameplay and that's purposeful.

Massive wants players of The Division to know as little as possible going into the game. They believe doing so will allow players to experience the greatest level of discovery possible. It's an admirable goal to have and it'll be interesting to see how closely Ubisoft Massive can stick to this. The Division will be landing on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year.

Thanks, UbiBlog.

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