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Ubisoft explains strategy and why you can't run over pedestrians in 'The Crew'

The Crew
The Crew

Certain challenges in Ubisoft's upcoming open-world action-racing game The Crew can be approached using different strategies, including alternate paths and determining which vehicle will best suit your elected terrain.

In an interview with Examiner, lead game designer on The Crew, Serkan Hassan, discusses the game's skill challenges and how players can undertake these challenges in different ways.

"The game’s world is densely populated with hundreds of skill challenges, which the player can tackle using any of their cars," he said. "Playing a skill challenge is entirely optional and allows you to compete against the ‘ghosts’ of friends and other players who have completed it before you.

As well as jumps, high speed runs and slaloms, we also have challenges where players are free to try out different strategies in order to succeed. One example is our “Climb” challenge, where the player must try to reach the top of a mountain. One strategy would be to use a high performance car and follow the winding asphalt road to the top. Alternatively, the player could opt for a raid car and try to reach the top in the most direct way possible, driving off-road through the trees and rocks, ignoring the roads completely."

Hassan also mentions some pretty hasty pedestrians, saying, "Because we are targeting a teen rating, pedestrians will always be just swift enough to avoid collisions."

The Crew is slated for release this fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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