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Ubisoft director says Far Cry 4 is 'self-aware,' won't take itself too seriously

Ready for Far Cry 4?
Ready for Far Cry 4?
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

Far Cry 4 is certainly going to be employing some serious tones in the game's narrative, but don't worry, the game won't always be intense. Ubisoft has planned some lighter moments and has some funny items for people to look out for, including the "Shangri-Lager." Craft brewers in Colorado would be jealous.

Foamy beverages aside, Ubisoft is making sure to implement some strong contrast to help with the game's overall tone and mood. Mark Thompson, who is the narrative director on Far Cry 4, spoke about how they are working on keeping some humor and lighter tone in Far Cry 4.

"I’m the only British guy that contributes to the narrative and I think I’ve been colored by the pun culture of the tabloid press in Britain. Most of the terrible puns you can find in the game are directly attributable to me.

"Sometimes you’ll find that the game is self-aware, sometimes you’ll find dark humor where you won’t know whether to laugh or be mortally offended by it, but the puns you’ll find are my way of making the game a little less heavy — which I think a lot of shooters try to be," Thompson said.

It's true that some shooters, and games in general, can take themselves far too seriously. At times, a bit of humor or contrast in tone can help embellish upon the more intense parts of a game. Having a well-balanced blend between different tones can really help create a dynamic story, though, so it's good to see Far Cry 4 taking that approach.

With Far Cry 3 achieving the monstrous success it did a few years back, Far Cry 4 has its work cutout to try and meet the expectations of gamers. Far Cry 4 is arguably one of the fall's most anticipated titles and we'll all find out just what is in store for players when it launches on Nov. 18.

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