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Ubisoft CEO on 'Rainbow Six: Siege': Gamers want 60 FPS, emphasizes vitality

Excited for Rainbow Six: Siege?
Excited for Rainbow Six: Siege?
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six: Siege was this year's surprise reveal at E3 2014 for Ubisoft. Awaited for years by fans, Rainbow Six: Siege will finally see the light of retailers sometime next year, but Ubisoft has strong expectations for the type of journey is should take players on.

With frame rate being such a concern for consumers, it's going to be essential for Rainbow Six: Siege to nail the 60 FPS and Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot agreed. Guillemot talked about what he believes Rainbow Six: Siege is going to be and how every life a player has in the game should matter.

"We needed Rainbow Six to really take off, and it’s happening. I think this team has a good understanding of what the industry is today, and what the gamers want.

"They really understand that gamers who play shooters want speed, they want responsiveness, they want 60 frames per second, and they want to be able to have surprising moments and emotional connections.

"Rainbow Six answers those needs. Also, gamers will appreciate that you die quickly if you make mistakes. It gives the sensation to the player that I have to be careful. I count, each life counts," Guillemot said.

60 frames per second seems to be that benchmark players need, especially when it comes to a shooter. Rainbow Six: Siege will no doubt have high expectations, as does any AAA game that comes out. Information about the game is somewhat scare at this time, but expect Ubisoft to pull the veil back a bit more early next year.

Rainbow Six: Siege is scheduled for launch sometime during 2015, most likely toward the holiday time period. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC only.

Thanks, UbiBlog.

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