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Ubisoft abandons Watch Dogs trademark

UPDATE: The filing with the USPTO was indeed faked, and Ubisoft has responded. See the updated story HERE.

Ubisoft abandons Watch Dogs trademark
Ubisoft abandons Watch Dogs trademark (photo via

Ubisoft has officially filed for "express abandonment" of the trademark for their highly anticipated next gen action title, Watch Dogs, according to a post on NeoGAF, that has been substantiated via multiple sources.

As the forum post on NeoGAF reveals, Ubisoft filed for express abandonment of it's trademark on the Watch Dogs name, as it relates to "game software and electronic game programs". The abandonment follows one day after Ubisoft was granted an extension on the trademark.

The news comes as Watch Dogs has already seen it's fair share of controversy and a delay from it's original November release date. The title was pushed back to a fiscal Q1 release window, sometime between April and June, with no solid date yet set for the game.

While the abandonment of a trademark such as this is not indicative of the game being cancelled, it more than likely reveals that the games official title has changed, or the marketing in some way will change the messaging around Watch Dogs. As suggested on numerous threads, possible changes could be adding the Tom Clancy moniker or even the formal address of Watch_Dogs, as is shown in a few gameplay trailers and PR materials.

Ubisoft has yet to issue a statement regarding the abandonment procedure or reasoning behind the filing, but attempts to contact the publisher for comment have been issued. Be sure to check back for official updates.

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