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Uber Rules Debated by New Orleans City Council

For the past 9 years New Orleans citizens have been and continue to debate the future they would like to create on this post Katrina clean economic slate. Of note in those debates is whether to change current transportation laws to permit for digital dispatch services such as Uber. Other cities are also struggling with how to permit this new industry but provide the needed guardrails to protect its citizens. Recently, Colorado signed the first ride-sharing regulations into law.

Recently, on July 29, 2014, the New Orleans City Council transportation committee met to discuss whether it should recommend any further changes to proposed rules on the subject. Although members raised a need for enforcement measures and a need to address ride sharing aspects, the committee decided not any recommendation to accept or deny the proposed rules. Proposed rules would eliminate a 3 hour minimum for luxury car trips and implement $25 minimum fee.

Although the proposed rules are meant to create space in the law for companies like Uber whose business model is meant for shorter trips, Uber representatives do not agree with the minimum fee. The proposed rules will not delete the requirement for all for hire vehicles, including Uber drivers, to obtain a “certificate of public necessity and convenience,” which would in practice result in Uber having to use existing CPNC holders and licensed New Orleans drivers for the service.

The full council could take up the issue on Aug. 14 at the earliest.

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