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Uber kidnapping: CEO kidnapping makes people think twice about using Uber

When you are in a strange town traveling, sometimes you need to get a ride. The application Uber is used all the time to get pick ups but now people are thinking twice about the safety of doing it this way. On Thursday, NY Daily News shared the news of a CEO who was kidnapped by his driver and ended up in a high speed chase.

Uber app
Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Ryan Simonetti, CEO of Convene, shared the news on Twitter first. He said, "Was just kidnapped by an @uber driver in DC, held against my will, and involved in a high speed chase across state lines with police #Crazy." He was taking what was supposed to be a very short ride but it didn't end up being that at all.

It all started when a taxi inspector started following them and the driver decided to run a red light to get away from him. Ryan described the scene saying "it was like an episode of 'Cops. I physically tried to force his leg to hit the brake. I ripped off his pant leg…. I said, 'Here's two options. You take this exit, or I'm going to knock the side of your head in. If we crash, we crash, but you're gonna kill us anyway.'"

The driver finally stopped and authorities were handling it. The entire case seems a bit strange, but it has everyone wondering if hiring a driver from Uber is a safe way to go. Back in June, an Uber driver was arrested for allegedly kidnapping a female passenger who was drunk. She was getting a ride home when she passed out and woke up later at a motel where the driver had taken her. This driver was charged with "kidnap for the purpose of sexual assault."

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