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Uber car attacked Paris: 1 passenger posts Uber car attack on Twitter

An Uber car was attacked in Paris as a taxi protest reaches new lows. On Jan. 13, CBS News reported that an Uber car suffered a broken window and slashed tires when angry cab drivers took out their frustrations with the competition. Uber cars aren't the only ones getting hit either -- taxi drivers have been attacking various car services that interfere with their business.

"Attackers tried to get in the car, but our brave Uber driver maneuvered us to safety, changed the tire on the freeway, and got us home. We're fine. Grateful that our Uber driver was cool-headed and that the doors were locked," tweeted Kat Borlongan, co-founder of "Five by Five."

The Uber car attacked in Paris did have at least one passenger in the car (Kat) making the attack even more dangerous and frightening. It's one thing to slash the tires of a parked car, but to go after a car that is running on the street with innocent people inside? Well cab drivers must think that they are teaching people a lesson. France certainly isn't the only country experiencing such hostility and violence when it comes to motorcar competition but violence should never be the solution.

Uber released a statement directly correlating with this particular incident, perhaps trying to send a message of their own. It read in part: "That taxis chose to use violence today is unacceptable, that they chose to strike is their business. However, Parisians also have a choice when it comes to moving around in their city, and today’s incident certainly discourages Parisians from choosing a taxi for their next ride" (CBS News).

The Uber car attacked in Paris likely won't be the last. These car services do threaten the jobs of others and it's a tough situation to handle. For more on how Uber works and what it is, check out the video above.

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