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U2 still on track to release new material in 2014

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It’s been five years since U2 fans have received a new album from the mega band. Earlier this year, the band paired up with Bank of America to promote the song “Invisible” during the Super Bowl which many believed was a lead up to releasing new music as rumoured. Those rumours still have truth to them according to a U2 spokesperson. Universal who distributes U2's music also has been in touch with the large fansite also confirming music to be released this year.

Rumours hit the web later that the new material would not be released until 2015 but the spokesperson told Rolling Stone today that the rumours were not accurate and that the time table has always been this year. Reports came out that U2 had pushed back the album to work on the material and to work with Paul Epworth more (who produced a differently mixed version of “Ordinary Love” last year--the song winning a Golden Globe Award).

U2’s last album No Line on the Horizon didn't do well commercially but the tours supporting the set pushed U2 to the top of their game, becoming the best selling touring act of all time. The tour grossed three-quarters of a billion dollars when it wrapped up. Prior to that, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was released five years in between and scored the band five more Grammy Awards in 2006. Songs left over from No Line were supposedly to be released later on Songs of Ascent according to the band but that never came to fruit so fans have been forced to wait longer for a new set.

“Invisible” was given away as a free single after the TV spot airing and Bank of America would donate $1 for every copy downloaded. Originally, the plan was 2 million but they at last minute decided to up it by millions more. Given the high exposure, it would have been perfect timing for the band to drop new music, which had also been rumoured for a late spring/summer release. Bono also has confirmed the song will be on the upcoming release.

Irish Times reported there are plans to release the record this year and just last week, reports surfaced that U2 was in France filming a new video. Rather it is for the new single or another promotional video is yet to be seen but it could be as late as October that there’s concrete evidence the biggest band on the planet is ready.

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