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U2’s Bono photobombs Irish couple’s wedding

U2 font man Bono with wife Ali at Nelson Mandela's funeral
U2 font man Bono with wife Ali at Nelson Mandela's funeral
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

U2’s frontman Bono is known for his singing and his humanitarian efforts. He’s now going to be known for his humor and good nature, too, after he stepped into the wedding photographs of an Irish couple being married in his neighborhood, according to Irish Central on Jan 3.

Sinead O’Sullivan and David O’Connor were just finishing up with their wedding photos. When they looked up, they were quite surprised to see Bono coming down the street with his daughter.

Bono was quite agreeable to stepping in and photobombing a few of the wedding photos. According to the photographer, Carol Ryan, the couple was “stunned” at how “charming” the very famous Irish rock star was and very impressed at how genuinely “nice” he was.

See the photographs from Carol Ryan Photography by clicking on this link

Bono is the non de plume, so to speak, of Dubliner Paul David Hewson, leader of the Irish rock band U2 since 1976. The 53-year-old rock star is known in the music world as a singer and songwriter. He is almost as well-known as an activist. Bono travels all over the world giving speeches and lobbying politicians for the causes dear to his heart. He is very well-respected for his knowledge on the issues and his powers of persuasion.

Now to that we can add “nice guy.” Sinead and David will certainly have some very special wedding photos, not to mention memories on their anniversary for years to come.

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