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U2 and Thomas Newman honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

The group U2 and composer Thomas Newman were honored on Saturday, January 4th at the 25th Palm Springs International Film Festival awards.

Bono arriving at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.
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Bono of U2 at the Palm Springs Film Festival
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Newman received the Frederick Loewe Award for scoring the music for the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”. The award was presented to Newman by John Lee Hancock who directed the movie and Colin Farrell one of the stars of the film.

Newman has composed various film scores and has been nominated the Academy Award 11 times. He is currently nominated for Best Score for Saving Mr. Banks at the 19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards.

U2 received the Sonny Bono Visionary Award. The award was presented to them by Mary Bono and the stars of the movie “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Idris Elba and Naomie Harris. The band wrote the song "Ordinary Love" for the movie. The song is nominated for The Critics' Choice Awards and The Golden Globes Awards

Accepting the honor named after the founder of the film festival at the awards were Bono and the Edge. After a video tape played highlights of the bands association with Nelson Mandela since the 70s when U2 played their first ever show for the apartiad movement in Dublin. Mary Bono presented the award with her daughter Chianna Bono by her side. She told a funny story how she and her late husband Sonny first met Bono of U2 in an elevator.

Elba spoke of how not many know that Bono of U2 has been nominated three times for a Nobel peace prize.

The Edge spoke first and stated "I can speak for the band when I say how honored we feel to even being invited to be here tonight, alone being the first musicians to ever the Sonny Bono Visionary Award for 2014. By the way, when I say musicians I 'm talking about Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen and myself, no offense to singers but singers are really in a different cateogory, psychology, socially, generally. Adam and Larry wanted me to pass on their thanks to you all. Now I will hand it over to our own Bono to say a few words, actually a few more than a few right Bono" which made the crowd laugh.

Bono then took the microphone and stated "Thank you very much. Oh my god Thank you Idris, Naomie, Colin Farrell for you Colin Farrellness. I guess this is an award for just not shutting up and sticking to what you're good at. This is kind of an award for being a pain in the arse, isn't it? That's what this is. And we do understand that people find it insufferable when artists stray out of their box, but for a lot of us in this room, that is the definition of being an artist, straying out of your box."

"It is worth mentioning that more people live off their imaginations in California than any other place in the world. No other geography comes close. But people around here like to ask questions about the real as well as the imaginary world, and this, of course, is the start of being annoying. Demanding answers is when you upgrade to the proper pain in the arse status of the activist, and although some people here have managed to do the activist thing without being annoying. I'm of course thinking of Jane Fonda. How could you not? I'm thinking of Meryl Streep in "Sophie's Choice." Steve McQueen has challenged intolerance his entire career. Idris Elba, Naomie Harris were activists long before they took on the giant lives of the Mandelas. Julia Roberts, before she took on "Erin Brockovich", she was an activist and is an activist, and an extraordinary movie star, the definition of, I would say. And we'd like to pause for a minute to consider our chairman, Tom Hanks, and his stigma-defying, game-changing role in "Philadelphia." And what Matthew McConaughey has done again now in "Dallas Buyers Club." Extraordinary performances for an end."

Bono then went on to talk about Nelson Mandela and HIV awarness and stats before closing out his 6 minute speech thanking the visionaries from him and The Edge.

Other honorees included Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and the cast of the movie "American Hustle"

Click on the slide show to see photos of Thomas Newman, Bono and The Edge from the event.

The film festival runs Friday through January 14.

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