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U.S. troops patrol Afghan poppy fields

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The United States government has been profiting from the drug trade since they drove it into the black market. The allegations of smuggling activities have plagued the CIA since Viet Nam. They've been accused of "managing" the Mexican drug trade as recently as the summer of 2012. Is it really any surprise that Afghanistan's poppy production has risen since the U.S. occupation?

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Now we see why over 90 percent of the world's non-pharmaceutical grade opium is coming from Afghanistan. U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Ismael E. Ortega released a plethora of photos of a patrol through some poppy fields in the drug fueled country.

It really makes you question our government's priorities when the DEA busts legitimate medical marijuana facilities on a regular basis but our military protects the production of an illicit drug with very real dangers.