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U.S. should back off Iraq at once

Congressional intervention is needed at once. Iraq needs to sort out its affairs on its own. The U.S. has been all over Iraq and the present condition is the product. While critics say that Obama departed too soon, others believe that we could not of departed soon enough. The fact is that we engaged Iraq under highly suspicious terms. We removed their hostile leader, and we helped stand up a replacement government. Now, it is up to them.

Don't go to Iraq
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“Sky News reports that Nassir al-Saedi, a cleric loyal to the firebrand Muqtada al-Sadr, referred to America as ‘the occupier’ in a sermon during Friday prayers and added ‘We will be ready for you if you are back."”

Fox News

Let’s admit some truths about the situation. Yes, America were occupiers. It wasn’t a good idea to intervene. Having done that, American’s helped Iraq define itself as a nation. If Sunni and Shiite extremists pull Iraq apart at the middle, that will be their problem. If Iraq becomes a haven for ISIL terrorists as is the possibility, then the problem becomes one belonging to the free world. The situation is already headed in that direction, which is why American advisors are headed to Iraq.

Now, if the Iraqi government is so unstable and potentially hostile to America advisors, as is likely the case, then it is dangerous and imprudent for Obama to send them.

In fact, it is late in the day and unwise for Secretary of State Kerry to meet in Iraqi soil as the risks are too great.

Put the brakes on if it isn’t too late. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should intervene with the President to stop Secretary of State Kerry for going to Iraq.

“Even as Obama left the door open for a direct military response, he said Iraq's future ultimately rests with its leaders' willingness to embrace a more inclusive political system. Al-Maliki has long faced criticism from the U.S. for not giving Iraq's Sunni minority a greater role in the Shiite-dominated government. Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to travel to Iraq soon to press its government to share more power.

While U.S. officials have increasingly raised questions privately about whether al-Maliki can lead his country out of the current crisis, Obama stopped short of calling for the prime minister to step down, saying ‘it's not our job to choose Iraq's leaders.’”

It is not only not our job to choose their leaders, it isn’t our job to engage in their civil war.

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