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U.S. Senate votes 60-39 for socialized health care, a threat to Wyoming sovereignty

Like the House of Representatives the U.S. Senate voted yes to socialized health care 60-39. Proving Washington will never get it right. This legislative monster has become as great a threat to state sovereignty as the Judicial Kingship and the executive branch.

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Governor Freudenthal has remained silent on Health care, no surprise but he has confirmed his agreement with Obama on these issues: international green building codes, climate change, energy and let us not forget this - Frudenthal said about Obama's Second Amendment positions "He's in the right place with it," and "Remember, rights are not unlimited".

freudenthal- obama

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  • RJ Gerber, Jr. 5 years ago

    The alternative is that we allow the rabid predatory capitalists who are now running our health care "system" to destroy the economy by ensuring that any American who falls ill is a medical-debtor. Upwards of 60% of all personal bankruptcies are now being caused by medical debt. That has to change if we are going to compete globally with workers who's health care isn't a concern for them...

  • Patrick Sperry 5 years ago

    Care to describe who those "rabid predatory capitalists" are? Might it be those that pass overly burdensome regulations? Thereby driving up costs across the board?

    And where did you get that 60% figure from? While I am sure that medical issues may be a part I seriously doubt that they are the sole cause.

    Global competition based upon health care? Now, that's a switch from child slave labor being carried out by predatory free market capitalists at least...

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