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U.S. Senate is a joke when it comes to the border crisis

El presidentes are trying to address the problem of illegal refugee children swamping Texas, and yet the Democrat-controlled Senate get pass a bill. They can’t just blame it Republicans because there are Democrat defectors too.

Border bill fails in Senate
Ross D. Franklin-Pool/Getty Images

This is why President Obama is forced to act by executive order. Congress is broken on both ends, and problems mount that demand attention.

Executive order

The President could act at once to do what?

  1. Direct Homeland Security and the Department of State to work with Presidents of the subject problem countries: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to establish refugee processing centers in the home nations, not in the U.S.
  2. Direct resources to be expended for staffing and processing for safe disposition of stressed and endangered children.
  3. Insist that Congress pass resource funding included for this purpose.

The problem is that President Obama requested $3.7 billion for an ill-conceived solution. It isn’t comprehensive because as el presidentes say, “We’re working on it.”

The Senate and House need to provide short term resources to begin to address the problem, however the foundation and principles for problem-solving are not agreed upon by anyone. The requires President Obama’s leadership, but being a one-man band, he hasn’t done that. A short-handed Secretary of State needs help too. He needs more qualified staff. Homeland Security has the resources but what do we hear from Jeh Johnson?

Johnson’s request is for chump change. That indicates that he doesn’t grasp the problem. As a former Federal Prosecutor, he’s a smart guy, but his boss isn’t engaging him fully in the process.

A comprehensive solution requires comprehensive participation by the Department of State and Homeland Security, as well as bipartisan engagement with members of the House and Senate. That would require the U.S. government to become functional. Let’s try that.

“DHS Chief Jeh Johnson: Border Response Working, Needs More Money


Money for investigations of smuggling networks helping bring droves of children to the U.S. border will run out soon, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Tuesday.
“At the current burn rate, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will run out of money in mid-August. Doing nothing is not an option,” Johnson said at a news conference at ICE headquarters.

The Obama administration has asked Congress for $3.7 billion to deal with the crisis, including money for such investigations.

Johnson said the 60-person investigative team sent to south Texas to dismantle criminal organizations smuggling people into the U.S. has led to 192 arrests, seizures of 28 vehicles and the interdiction of $625,000 of money for smuggling.

He also reaffirmed that the numbers of unaccompanied children and apprehensions have been dropping, as reported earlier by NBC News. President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet on Friday with the presidents of Honduras. Guatemala and El Salvador, the countries of about three-fourths of the more than 57,000 children who have arrived since October.”

“Senate border bill doomed?

By Alexander Bolton - 07/26/14 06:00 AM EDT
Momentum for passing a border crisis bill is building in the House but the legislative effort in the Senate is headed for failure due to Democratic defections and staunch GOP opposition.

House Republicans said they have new hope for passing an emergency funding bill to address the Texas border crisis after a positive conference meeting Friday morning.
“It was a good conversation which will continue through the weekend,” said a House GOP leadership aide.

The Senate Democratic border proposal, however, which totals $3.57 billion, is headed for certain failure next week because of unified GOP opposition and the defection of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), a senior member of the Appropriations Committee.

Senate Republicans say they do not expect anyone from their ranks to vote for the measure because it does not include language amending the legal rights of unaccompanied minors from Central America or sufficiently improve border security.

“It’s doubtful it will get Republican support because it doesn’t do anything to secure the border and nothing to reduce incentives for kids to come illegally. It spends money without any accountability or improving the border situation,” said a senior Senate GOP aide.

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