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U.S. Representative Steve Buyer not running for reelection in Indiana's 4th district

Steve Buyer and his wife.
Steve Buyer and his wife.
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Steve Buyer, the republican U.S. Representative for Indiana’s 4th district announced today that he is not running for reelection this coming November today due to his wife’s illness. While this opens up his seat, it also means that Indiana is losing one of it great republican voices. Buyer has championed responsible drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and offshore drilling sites all around the country. He has also held several job fairs in his district resulting in hundreds, if not thousands, of Hoosiers finding work.
As a ranking member of the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, Buyer has helped Hoosier veterans in many ways. His efforts in Congress have ensured that military retirees receive health care benefits for life and helped to increase funding for veteran’s programs at least 110% over the time he was in office. Through Buyer’s actions in Congress it can be seen that Hoosier veterans were a top priority for him.
Buyer also helped to fix the Shelly Drain in Montgomery County when the county couldn’t afford to fix it. He led the charge to have the Army Corp. of Engineers come in and fix it for $150,000. He also helped to stop the Crane Naval Warfare Center from being closed. It is this kind of responsible leadership that has led Buyer to be reelected time and again.
Hoosiers, especially those in Indiana’s 4th district, will surely miss Steve Buyer. His wish to be at his wife’s side through her battle with an auto-immune disease is an admirable one and one that every Hoosier can understand. Hopefully though, his replacement in the 4th district will adopt and emulate the kind of republican Hoosier values that Buyer has displayed so well. This column wishes both of them well and that they can find a way to live with this incurable disease.