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U.S. Rep. Maria Berrios demands surplus TIF funds go to CPS

Courtesy of Ed Negron
Courtesy of Ed Negron

U.S. Representative Maria "Toni" Berrios recently introduced a bill in the Illinois General Assembly that would direct surplus funds in TIF districts to Chicago Public Schools. Berrios represents the 39th District in the Illinois House, on Chicago's northwest side. The measure, HB4210, is being co-sponsored by Greg Harris (D-13th District) and Ann Williams (D-11th District).

The bill requests that all surplus funds in TIF districts or municipalities with more than a million residents be distributed annually within 180 days to any public school district operating under general school law in the municipality. Any municipalities with two or more districts must distribute the funds according to school enrollment figures.

The measure, introduced last week, has been referred to the Rules Committee. Sponsors and supporters of the bill are hoping that the bill will be called for a vote and pass in the upcoming legislative session.