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Tommy Lineberry golf cart driver arrest: Runs over cop's foot at U.S. Open

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Commotion on the 11th tee at the U.S. Open Saturday had nothing to do with golf, it had to do with an irate cop arresting a golf cart driver for running over his foot. To add insult to injury the driver kept going with the cop yelling at him to stop and running behind the cart, according to NBC Sports on June 15.

By the time the cop caught up with Thomas Lineberry he was a bit hot under the blue collar. He jumped into the back of the golf cart and put his arm around the driver's neck as if he were securing him from not running away.

Golfweek describes the officer as "an angry North Carolina Highway Patrol Officer" and they also describe the cop as being "upset" because the cart ran over the cop's foot.

It was just a matter of time before the driver was cuffed and taken away. The man under arrest was the NBC News commentator Roger Maltbie's driver. Lineberry drives Maltbie all around the course during tournaments.

This golf cart driver appeared to have the book thrown at him, as he was arrested for assault on a law enforcement officer, hit and run, driving while impaired and resisting, obstructing and delaying a law enforcement officer. Wow, this sounds like the guy is in some hot water!

Maltbie was a bit shocked at seeing Lineberry being taken away, saying he has been to a couple of rodeos and county fairs and never saw anything like this. The man driving was his friend, they had been together since Maltbie's rooky year on tour, the commentator said.

It is not known what Maltbie thinks about all these charges on the guy. Lineberry basically got a DUI in a golf cart, but is that legal?

The driver had on a headset and asked the cop if he could radio the producers. The cop let him and he said to whoever was on the other end for NBC, "Send somebody out here. My cart is on the right of the 11th tee."

Within a matter of minutes a replacement driver appeared. Witnesses on the course said that they saw the cart brush by the cop, but they honestly can't say if the driver heard the cop yelling or not. He had his headset on and it could have blocked out the cop's voice. Unfortunately Lineberry hears the cop today, with a slew of charges to answer for!