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2014 Winter Olympics

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U.S. Olympic Opening Ceremony flag bearer decided? 3 athletes deserve honor

Chris Fogt could carry the US flag at the Opening Ceremony? We hope so!
Chris Fogt could carry the US flag at the Opening Ceremony? We hope so!
Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

There is only nine days before the 2014 Sochi Olympics and some details are yet to be determined for Team USA. Most of the athletes are in the final stages of the process before heading to Russia to compete. Practicing, picking up uniforms and spending time with family is on the to-do list. While the athletes are getting ready there are a few things left for the US Olympic Committee to decide as well. According to NBC Sports on Wednesday, the U.S. Olympic Opening Ceremony flag bearer has not been chosen. Traditionally the decision comes two days before the opening ceremony, but it could come earlier this year.

Olympic fans have been weighing in on who deserves this honor. Considered a big deal and often one of the most memorable moments, there are a number of athletes who deserve this consideration in the Winter Olympics. In the past there were three types of athletes that carried the flag. Someone who has an amazing story of determination, a longtime Olympian or medal hopeful that is favored.

So who should carry the flag?

Many viewers think this honor should go to a solder. Actually there are five soldiers competing for Team USA, but Chris Fogt, who is on the bobsled team, is top choice. The sacrifice of being enlisted and being an athlete is a double-gold for America dedication.

Another athlete who really deserves to carry the flag is Lindsey Van. She is competing in the first U.S. Olympic women’s ski jumping team and is expected to bring home the gold. The only problem with this athlete walking with the flag is fair weather fans will think she is Lindsay Vonn (the Olympic skier) and it would be confusing to at least 40% of the viewing audience.

Our final choice? It would be Julie Chu of the Team USA hockey team or Shaun White. It’s a tie as both athletes have been in the Olympics for years and both have made their mark in history. Maybe they could switch back and forth during the processional so we could see both holding Old Glory?

The athlete who is the U.S. Olympic Opening Ceremony flag bearer definitely will be honored at the opportunity and the fans will cheer him or her on!

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