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U.S. Navy rescues injured Mt. Baker hiker

U.S. Navy rescues injured Mt. Baker hiker
U.S. Navy rescues injured Mt. Baker hiker
US Navy/released photo

An unnamed hiker on Washington State’s Mount Baker fell about 100 feet Saturday and suffered several injuries, including wounds to his chest. He was unable to get off the mountain on his own.

Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies located the hiker at the 4,500 foot-level on the mountain, but low visibility prevented any kind of rescue mission until the sun came up Sunday morning.

Even then, options within the local sheriff’s department were limited and officials contacted Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, some 100 miles away, for an assist.

The Navy helicopter, with ground guidance from the sheriff’s department, located the 24-year-old hiker and airlifted him to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center's trauma unit.

There was no information on the condition of the hiker and no indication of why the Navy was called for the rescue versus the Coast Guard or the Washington State Air National Guard located at Camp Murray near Tacoma.

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