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U.S. Military airstrikes target ISIS near Mosul Dam

F-18 Hornet, Arabian Sea
F-18 Hornet, Arabian Sea
Andrew Schneider, photographer, military released photo

U.S. Central Command in Tampa has released information that some 123 airstrikes, using both fighter and attack aircraft, were conducted yesterday and today near a large dam in Mosul. The dam is a key target of the ISIS/ISIL militants. In fact, there were 82 U.S. air-to-ground strikes on the extremists near the Mosul Dam alone.

The strikes destroyed one ISIS armored vehicle, likely U.S. kit originally, three ISIS trucks, and then neutralized a mortar position near the coveted Mosul Dam. There were no injuries or casualties to U.S. personnel or U.S. jets during the raids.

The CENTCOM report stated unequivocally that all strikes were conducted under authority to protect U.S. personnel and facilities and to support humanitarian aid efforts. ISIS radicals currently control key areas in and around Mosul, Sinjar, and Fallujah.

In late June, ISIS terrorists marched towards the city of Baghdad and the United States Embassy compound but their efforts were swatted back by U.S. drone strikes. A contingent of "special communicators" and U.S. Marines were also sent to augment the security forces already assigned to the embassy. The radical Islamists have focused on more Northern targets in the last six to eight weeks.

According to an NPR broadcast last week, the U.S. military is spending $7.5 million per day in Iraq, approximately $600 million since June of this year.