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U.S. government to build new London embassy

The United States government is in the process of building a new embassy in London, with a price tag of $1 billion.  The 500,000 square foot monstrosity will also feature a 100-foot moat.  With a federal budget for fiscal year 2011 at $3.8 trillion, and a deficit of $1.56 trillion, this is another classic example of government waste. 

When questioned by Congressman Ron Paul about this lavish new facility, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded that the federal government is 'selling eleven properties we currently rent' to cover the cost of this ridiculous expenditure.  The government is selling properties it rents?  Did Mrs. Clinton actually mean 'we are going to stop renting' or did she mean  'we are selling property in London we are renting out to various tenants'?  Does the American government own property in London?  

Regardless, this new embassy is a slap in the face of the American taxpayer.  While many Americans are out of work (the government's official number is at 10%), or struggling with their own businesses, Hillary Clinton's State Department believes it just has to have a brand, spanking new embassy to conduct its really important business in.  Of course, this goes along with the billion dollar embassy in Baghdad (built during the reign of George W Bush), and the billion dollar embassy in Kabul, and the new embassy to be built in Pakistan, projected to cost $850 million.  (What!  Only $850 million?  We can't be slighting the Pakistanis that way!  Surely we can cough up another $150 million to make it an even billion, too!)

A billion here, a billion there.  That's how we get to a federal budget for fiscal year 2011 of $3.8 trillion, with a deficit of $1.56 trillion.  How much is a trillion?  Why, it's only a thousand times a billion!  How much is $3.8 trillion?  That's $10,410,958,904 a day.  Or $433,789,954 an hour.   Say it with me, class, FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE MILLION, SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR DOLLARS AN HOUR!

Hillary wants her new embassies, and, by gosh, she's going to get them, and you, mister and mrs. American taxpayer are going to foot the bill to build them, furnish them, staff them, heat them, and cool them!  And you're also going to foot the bill for Hillary to jet across the oceans once a month or so (along with her entourage of 30 or so), for those really important meetings to tell the rest of the world how to run its business!

America - the land of the free, and the home of the slave!  Slaves to the debt Hillary Clinton and her ilk continue to run up.  Hillary!  You go, girl!


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