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U.S. Government Could Care Less About Veterans

U.S. Government Could Care Less About Veterans
U.S. Government Could Care Less About Veterans

The U.S. Senate yesterday blocked the veterans benefits bill and it was the Republicans who stood in the way. This bill would have provided some $21 billion dollars for medical, education, and job training for veterans.

Men and women who have proudly served our country are waiting on disability and other compensation that is rightfully theirs. The backlog of paperwork for a first time veteran filing for claims is 327 days. For those who have previously filed it is 273 days for claims to be paid.

Now for some of these veterans this is make or break time for them. This means being able to pay a mortgage and if not then having to hit the streets in some cases. Many of those who are homeless are veterans who have fallen through the cracks and just don't care anymore. There are those who are still fighting for their lives and it is these people we must fight for.

Men and women enlisted in a military branch and served their time of service. They were given that spiel that recruiters give about how the military is the way to go. That they will be there for you when your days of retirement come. For many of us we were told this and where is our government now.

Let us look at the VA and their trips to Florida to have those all important conferences.You know the ones that they use our tax dollars to fund and then go nuts with the money. Maybe we should look at the fact that they have a $537 million dollar computer system at their disposal but that 97% of the VA claims are still filed on paper.

Our own President jokes about how the VA got some 3000 claims filed and processed on a certain day. Well that's great but what about the other 600,000 that are still waiting.

It's too bad that for some of these Veterans this is all they have. Their pensions were probably cut over the years. The 401k that they were putting money in is all dried up, and what about the one's who can't get on Obama care because they can't get through on the computer. Congress get off your ass and get this job done.